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Counting Computers? by Ruruk

Pastor Nick receiving his certificate from Brian and Lina

While the rest of Eastern Highlands Province were focused on the Nation Sports Institute for the counting process and its results, a local Lutheran Renewal Church (LRC) were busy preparing for a basic computer course. When communicating with Pastor Nick Hoebapa to determine if it was a good time to conduct the workshop in the middle of the counting period, he affirmed that his participants were more keen to have the computer training over counting process and its results.

Due to the National Elections this year, we have less number of workshops to conduct and it seems like by the end of the year we may have delivered only seven which is less than our average of nine to ten annual deliveries.

Bryan thanking the church for the partnership to train workers for ministry.

The Lutheran Renewal Church at Fimito is about 15 minutes drive from our CRMF Communications Centre and our route to training venue would take us past the security check point. The first day was filled with drama because we had two boxes loaded with laptops for the training. I stopped on the road at the check point expecting a thumbs up to drive on but the security officer signalled for pull over.

He says to me, “We need to check your boxes”, I realised at that moment that this was election period and and “any box” must be checked.! Hijacking of ballot papers continues to be a major concern in Papua New Guinea and so our box of laptops were checked and cleared by security.

This little incident also gave me an opportunity to make a one minute awareness to the police officer that we were preparing to conduct a basic computer course for the pastors and ministry leaders and the officer says to me, “Sori boss, mipela bihainim policy” (My apologies boss, we are following policy directives).

I drove away satisfied that the officer was committed to his task, (a little delay but…) we were committed to set up the training for the first day to assist Pastor Nick who was committed to making sure his participants received basic computer training. We can make a difference when everyone is committed to do what is expected of them.

Amamo Taima doing her presentation

The eighteen participants successfully completed their training and to show what they have learned, three of the graduates did power point presentations to the church and the community during graduation day.

One of the speakers representing the National President of Lutheran Renewal Church of PNG highlighted a need for technology when he shared about a Papua New Guinean missionary serving overseas who had difficulty using social media to communicate back home. Speaking to the graduates and the community he stressed the importance of basic training like computer for overseas ministry.

As facilitators involved in a ministry that is assisting the Churches in Papua New Guinea with technology, we learned about a need that we could contribute towards our national overseas missionaries. But meanwhile we are committed to pastors and ministry leaders like Pastor Nick and his team who are prepared to put priority over seasonal things like national elections and invest time in training that will make everlasting impact in the lives of people.

Julie Manime challenging the church and community with her  presentation on Noah’s flood.

Thank you again for your commitment in praying and supporting CRMF ministry as the team continues to assist churches with technology.


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Promise of God’s love and faithfulness for another basic computer skills training.
First morning at Bogia

 “It is unusual to hold graduation in Church and for a computer training course, something is not adding up?” This was the opening statement of the doctor in charge of the Bogia District Hospital, Mrs Ruth Wamena who was invited to officiate at the graduation of the 17 Foursquare Bogia District Pastors.

Pastor Daisy Shon, receiving her certificate from Dr. Ruth

She said her first reaction when invited to officiate was, why in a church building, this is odd, weddings, funerals and holy communion yes but computers do not belong in the pews or pulpits.

As I listened to her address I gathered that she was expressing the connection that must happen in today’s church for the transforming Word of God to speak to the hearts of today’s seeker for the truth ; the opportunity for theological truth dissemination via technologies is more accessible now than 10 years ago for churches in Papua New Guinea. I praise God that he has allowed CRMF to be a part to bridging that gap to create opportunities to saving souls.

Mrs Wamena concluded her speech to the participants and the invited guests that came by stating that although it is unusual it is a very good thing for everyone these days to have the basic knowledge to computer. She thanked CRMF for facilitating such training and encouraged the pastors and Church representatives from Catholic, Lutheran and PNG Bible Church to work together with the Foursquare Church to receive this kind of training from CRMF.

The first level of basic computer training for Bogia Foursquare Church was conducted in 2014 with plans to do second level in 2015 which did not happen until this year. We thank the Lord for giving us an opportunity to complete this project for pastors who have come from different regions of Bogia District, some as far as Ramu which requires a lot of travel.

Pastor Esther Morgen and others in training

Most of these pastors have not seen a computer before and may not even own one in their life time and so our prayer is that those who come through our training will be motivated by the skills that they’ve picked up to save and buy a computer.

But even if they have will not own a computer we have trained them the basics of utilizing a computer to type, save and print programs, sermons or letters with church letter heads for ministry and for general administration of their local churches; which is all they need to know in our short basic computer skills training.

We also had the opportunity to show Jesus Video at two different places; an outreach ministry that CRMF normally does on week-ends in Goroka. Tok Pisin version of Jesus Video and the movie “End of the Spear” continues to be popular in places we’ve done Jesus Video outreach.

Using Bluetooth technology for our pa system to show Jesus Video at Sepa, Bogia, Madang Province

We have the DVD of the Jesus Video that we sell too as a way of promote the film and also for those who have computers or DVD players to continue to show this wonderful movie. Please continue to pray with us that this movie will speak to those who view it and help them to make better decisions for their future.

We also took along some items from the shelves of the CRMF Communications Center as a way to assist the pastors and Christians to buy quality but affordable items with our Church rate prices.

The items that sold fast were the 8GB Micro SD card and reading glasses. While there in Bogia, a new Asian shop opened and were giving 10% for the first three hours. I decided to cancel an hour of training and take the participants to this shop to compare the items being sold at this shop with our samples. I did this because a couple of pastors came to buy Micro SD cards from us and I told them to buy with discount price at this new store on a condition; that I check the brand first. One glance was enough to advice the pastors not to buy and they literally ran back to buy ours.

Display of the items we took along to sell

Thank you for your support and prayers for the sales items that CRMF sells as the profits gets diverted to ministries like this basic computer training to help the pastors be effective in spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Want to fly MAF its easy just help to refuel the plane!
Thomson helping Danny Madang MAF Base.

 This trip we had the opportunity to fly with MAF and really enjoyed the comfort of short travel time, no pot holes and the peace that all our equipment was in good hands of pilot Dave Rogers.

Thank you again for your support and prayers as it has made the difference to train those pastors in Bogia District.

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Xing Stone Age by Ruruk

Daniel was one of the first to meet Gerhard, went to be with the Lord in January 2017

 Two weeks ago, a missionary walked into our office loaded with stories about people who have lived in the stone age era yet have had opportunities to experience God’s grace. They heard the Gospel by hearing the Scriptures from the MegaVoice Solar powered players and made life changing decisions. No wonder Gerhard Stamm could not stop talking about these people group and I could not stop grinning even after I saw him off with 20 more Envoys units, he had given away what he had! He always gives away!

Gerhard and Brigitta Stamm serve under Liebenzell Mission International and serve here in Papua New Guinea with the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC). His stories cover the people group who live in the boarders of Enga and East Sepik Provinces in the April River Region.

April River region


The yellow pin marks the region where Gerhard and Birgitta give away audio bibles to the people who have lived both worlds.






Some years ago he (Gerhard) was invited by the people of April River to visit Bikaru community on one of his ministry trips. During this visit a certain old man called Daniel caught his attention, because he was clearing his gardening area with a stone axe. Yes Daniel had a stone axe in his hand and his nose had two flying fox bones sticking out at both ends. Gerhard gave him an audio bible (Ambassador) as a gift. Daniel learned to speak Tok Pisin as a result of listening to the Audio Bible and pretty soon he became a believer. The last time that Gerhard visited him was in December 2016 and in January this year, Daniel went away to be with his Lord. We praise God for the technology of Bibles in audio format for God to reach out and touch our Stone Age people. Daniel was saved by listening to the Word of God from the solar powered audio player.

We are excited for our partners like Gerhard and Birgitta Stamm who are willing to walk 2days (1 day for locals) to provide opportunities so that the Word of God can reach the lost people groups living in the remotest places in our country.

Gerhard Stamm with a former stone age man

Daniel went through two Audio Bible Units because he always used it and his favorite statement when Gerhard had time to visit him was, “I will never turn my back on Jesus”.

Gerhard commend Lina and the team for making these resources available so that people out in the remotest parts of PNG can know about the love and the grace of God by listening to the audio bible. It is indeed amazing that God’s grace is free and the Bible testifies that truth beyond doubt and in that same breath of grace he made technology as one of many facets to tell of his love to everyone including this particular people group that have lived in both worlds. God is indeed amazing!

Gerhard also shared about Joe who is an educated person but went blind and felt that his (Joe) education was useless to him as a blind person. When he heard the Word of God via the Envoy unit he exclaimed, ‘Dispela Buk em stret’ (This book tells the truth). ‘I know I cannot see but what I am hearing is so true’

Joe is almost blind but he had good ears to hear and know the truth

He also shared about an old paralyzed man in the Wario River whose eye lit up when he saw and heard the audio bible. And Gerhard was still telling stories but he had to go… the twenty units he took with him will have another 20 new stories the next time he walks into the office.

Please join me as we praise God for missionaries like Gerhard and Brigitta who can give their time, their life to a people group who were never their own but by the love and the grace of God they can be part these people group.

Stamms with the Bikaru people, who own a lot audio bible units

Thank you for all your prayers and support because without you we cannot reach the blind, the crippled and the Stone Aged. We are all reminded again of God’s word that does not return empty; he is faithful to His own Word, so let us be encouraged with what little we can do, an extra mile we can go, a new challenge we can face and help tell someone about the love and the grace of God. Jesus Christ is risen indeed let us tell those who have not heard yet!


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The classroom for the DTS program

Every Home for Christ (EHC) is a mission organisation dedicated to the great commission.
Its vision is to reach every home for Christ in Papua New Guinea. EHC PNG is based in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province with its core mission to train Papua New Guinean missionaries and allocate them to different regions of the country.

This is achieved by having their students go through a six months ‘Discipleship Training School’ (DTS) and upon graduation work under team leaders or missionaries active in a field in a certain region of the country. The director for EHC PNG, Pastor Aaron Nikkie, had requested the Basic Computer Training (BCT) in 2016, but this didn’t work out, however in March 2017, MAF’s Learning Technologies staff became involved to start off the years curriculum for their Discipleship Training School with the Basic Computing Course. Pastor Aaron was so happy and grateful that his vision to include computer training as a possible part of the DTS training has now became a reality.

The BCT itself lasted for two weeks with Lina Tomagau as the main trainer and with Brain Ward and Caine assisting her for a week each.

EHC participants for the basic computing course

The students come from all provinces in PNG to go through the DTS program. Due to tribal conflict the original site which hosted the DTS program was moved to a residential area. I learned that the current site is a residential area for Pastor Aaron’s wife Roselyn Nikkie who willingly turned it into a venue to continue to deliver the DTS program.

The family poultry project houses were adapted into dormitories and a temporary classroom was constructed to continue to have students train for mission outreach work.   The LT training staff had the opportunity to meet students form East Sepik, Hela, West New Britain, Central and Western Highlands. A couple of participants who took the basic computing course were team leaders from the regions.

Mr. Zibah Areni traveled from Alotau to Mt Hagen (823km by plane) just to participate in the computing course, said he is very happy to have come a long way to have this basic training because, ” I see a lot of potential for a person in my position to use computer skills for ministry. With this kind of training and the times we are living in I find it helpful to equip me to carry out the vision for EHC in the region I serve.”

First print job, their own work

Every training is different in terms of participants needs and so some extra sessions were offered by the team to meet those specific needs. These are needs not on the normal BCT curriculum that CRMF delivers to pastors.

As a result of the two weeks spent with EHC the team sees opportunities that Lord willing would develop into longer periods of working and sharing together in the future. Because of the same focus of reaching the remote people groups with the Word of God via tracks, audio bibles, there is a very strong possibility to work more together so that our remotest people can be reached.

A back translation of Tok Pisin word for “Wan Bel” into English becomes “Same Stomach” In other words, we (CRMF/MAF)  have the same vision with Every Home for Christ to reach the remote people groups for Christ, be it tracks,missionaries,micro sd cards, flash drives, solar powered players, whatever resources as long as “Wan Bel stap long kisim tok bilong Bikpela i go long lain long bik bus.(we have the same vision and willing to work together to reach the remotest people groups with God’s word)

Part of the main Highlands Highway becomes one lane as a result of the landslide.
We know that CRMF, MAF and EHC and many other organisations exist to reach people groups with the Good News, the path may not be clear but the vision must be crystal clear just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 – 20.

Because it was a residential place construction is ongoing, I had a privileged to have helped after classes to level this section of the ground for students mess hall.

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PNGCF, Kugla, Mt Hagen WHP

PNGCF, Kugla, Mt Hagen WHP

The beauty of our basic computer skills training for the pastors and ministry leaders is that they are not beginners in ministry. They are seasoned preachers and teachers who have been ministering to their local churches for a number of years. This current training organized by Papua New Guinea Christian Fellowship (PNGCF)Church at Kugla, Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province has lived up to its name to invite other pastors and women leaders from different denominations and ministry groups to participate in the training.  It is a beautiful picture of sharing with one another for a common goal; to win lost souls for God’s kingdom.  All pastors and ministry leaders are in need of acquiring skills to minister to changing congregations in Papua New Guinea.

Pastor Rose Wani with other participants

Pastor Rose Wani with other participants

Various pastors and women leaders from Assembles of God, Christian Apostolic Fellowship, Christian Fellowship Centre, Widows Ministry Group and Seventh Day Adventists expressed their appreciation to the organizers of this course, namely Pastor Alois Aiya and Pastor Amos Mek of PNGCF. Pastor Amos was the main conduit for this particular training to connect CRMF’s Learning Technologies PNG to offer the basic skills training. He actually heard his cousin brother Billy Kewa (CRMF Accounts) sharing about the ministry of CRMF and the various options available for equipping pastors.

Pastor Amos

Pastor Amos took a step further

 Pastor Amos took it further to request for the BCT training and also made a trip to Goroka to meet with the LTPNG staff and discuss the arrangements for the training. He is a typical story of how the Lord has caught the attention of pastors who are searching for ways to train and equip their pastors and ministry leaders.  I have learned and respect the knowledge that most of the pastors in this particular training have taken into full time ministry not as trained Bible School graduates but as “believers” in the transformation power of the Word of God. They have a heart to share what the Word of God has done in their lives and so to be assisted by a basic computer course to help them prepare for today’s generation is a bonus!

The beautiful thing for us as facilitators was to discover the kind of participants that the Lord brings us to train. I praised God for the zeal of the pastors to dig deep and trust their Lord to continue to spread the Gospel of Christ. Pastor Alouis Aiya is in charge of the PNGCF at Kugla but is currently nurturing a Church at Port Moresby. It all began when a family living in Port Moresby came home (Mt Hagen) for a break and during their stay Pastor Alois shared the Word of God with them. God used this opportunity to speak to the hearts of this couple who invited him to go to Port Moresby as they wanted to hear more. While in Port Moresby a lawyer friend of this couple asked Pastor Alois to pray for his sick son. This lawyer also invited his other lawyer friend to be with him for this occasion; the Lord healed the lawyer’s son and both lawyers and their families became members of this little church which is growing.

Ticket for Pastor Aloius

Travel expenses for Pastor Alouis is in these two bags of corn packed and ready to be sold

Pastor Alois is a kind of participant who will use the basic computer skills training to organize his time between two churches which need his pastoral care. He stated that his local church in Mt Hagen will support him to reach out to the needy in Port Moresby.

Pastor Alouis

Pastor Alouis

Our other notable participant was Mr Paul Poning, Supervisor for Widows Ministry. This ministry is made up of over 100 widows who work together under Paul to pray and support each other in this ministry. Some of these widows are wives of pastors and ministry leaders who have died.


Paul (red cap) supervisor for Widows Ministry

Mr Paul said this training is timely for me and has really assisted me to set up an office to monitor the activities of Widows Ministry. There are a lot of widows out there who need help and so setting up an office will really help my work. I have also sponsored two widows who are in this training with me with an aim to set up an office to properly monitor the existing women in the widow’s ministry. The next step is to continue to partner with CRMF and other Para-Church organizations to equip women for ministry in our communities.

We thank the Lord again for bringing key people for training and equipping; we can see them as participants but the Lord has called them each by name to be special instruments for his work for the greater good.

PNGCF living up to its name

PNGCF living up to its name – bringing others together to be trained.

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Our Purpose – C. Ruruk


Count down days for BCT

5 days to go for Manus Project BCT

In my closing remarks on graduation day I shared about a computer and a chicken. Both are items for us to use in our everyday life for food and work.  Depending on our workplaces, the computer and a chicken may play a very different role but we don’t spend much time and even bother to ask if they have something in common.  They both checked in at Lae’s Nazab airport destined for Momote Airport on Manus Island and rode in the cargo bay of the Air Niugini’s F100 aircraft as “consigned” passengers. Now, relax and enjoy inflight entertainment story about a computer and a chicken.


Laptop boxes consigned for Momote

Laptop boxes consigned for Momote

Day old chicks for momote

Day old chicks also consigned for Momote

During the flight the chicken asked the computer, “Say, how many of you are in that box?” The computer replied; “There are ten of us in this box and another ten fellows in the other box” “So, there are twenty of you wow! So how are you planning to spend your time in Manus?” the chicken asked again. “Oh this is routine two week drill and we do this almost every month in different parts of Papua New Guinea, we do travel a lot”. “That’s great so you are ready for this one?” “Actually, we are a bit nervous as we have discovered that each of us will be serving about two or three people at the same time. We are not young anymore and I am not sure if we can survive the coastal heat and humidity for the next two weeks”. “What about you fellows, seems like a regular run to me?” Yep! We do this route on weekly bases and most of us will find work in Asian shops and the Harbor Side Hotel, the town market and if we are lucky we get to see the nice sandy beaches in other parts of Manus and the little islands. By the way, we know most of the kitchens in Lorengau town. Hey man great talking to you, the captain has told the cabin crew to prepare for landing, bye”  

Part of the graduates, with Pastor Davis, who missed out in Goroka BCT Training with ABWE.

Part of the graduates, with Pastor Davis, who missed out in Goroka BCT Training with ABWE.

The computer and the chicken both play significant roles to address the needs of man (bible definition) because man is the cream of all creation. God blessed the man to have dominion over other creatures (Genesis 1:26 – 30). The Psalmists in Psalm 8 describes the glory of God with every other creation in the expanses of the universe and describes the dignity that God bestowed for man in the whole tapestry of creation. No wonder the adversary of all mankind did everything to disrupt the plan of salvation, as a case in point (Luke 4: 1- 13). Now toward the end of the chapter, after defeating Satan with the temptations Jesus announced the year of the Lord’s favor as prophesied by Isaiah (61:1). The year of the Lord has already come and the adversary continues to wage war against man.

This particular stretch of beach was where the first missionary landed.

This particular stretch of beach was where the first missionary landed, a strategic spot to reflect on the purpose of ministry

Being in Manus for the last two weeks has been a good reflection time for me; looking back at the number of training done by the CRMF Learning Technologies team for the last five years. The five year stats look great and we give glory and honor to God for such a ministry. But you see I was not focusing on the stats and the testimonies of how needs are being met in this kind of training but rather on the ultimate purpose of what we do. For me and the tiny cycle of impact that the team is involved in, I ask my self – is it worth it? I miss my wife and children due to constant travel for training and so it was an important time for reflection.

Participants doing their presentation

Participants doing their presentation under Lina’s supervision

I did not reflect on any particular Scripture but took a branch and started to write on the sand of the number of days remaining to tie up the Manus project. As I wrote my focus went back to the current training, the 50 participants and then zooming in on the different participants and resting on the two inmates.  The man that God created as His master piece, why are they behind bars, why are they separated from their loved ones and missing out on the daily routine of life in a community. Is there hope for them after their term?

Can our little ministry make an impact in today’s communities experiencing social issues, corruption and crime? As iron sharpens iron, how can we equip the Churches so that pastors, ministry workers and Christians become good models for Christ and not just stats for denominations? God did everything in his power to save man from eternal death and so likewise we do our little bit to in our day and time to save this master piece – man.

Two happy inmates at graduation day with their female Warden officer

Two happy inmates at graduation day with their female Warden officer

I thank God for the numerous organizations and ministry groups around the globe whose goal is to bring His Word to the lost in numerous ways in their unique ways in this age and time.

CRMF’s Learning Technologies has this wonderful God given vision to be the “Technology for the Church” in the area of providing basic computing skills to pastors and ministry workers. The Manus project has given the team a glimpse of a wider purpose of the impact of its training and the importance of a good partnership with a Church.

We praise God for the partnership with Evangelical Church Of Manus (ECOM), its leadership and Manus Bible Translation Organisation (MBTO) for the opportunity to work together to give hope for all man.

Excited participants with their certificates.

Excited participants with their certificates. The background is the Admin office for ECOM.

Our prayer is that an ongoing relationship be established on Manus Island so that we can be part of the ultimate purpose for God by partnering and serving the different churches on Manus Island.

Oh to finish our inflight entertainment story of the computer and the chicken; both serve the man and his need.

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Printed ppp

A4 print out that Pastor Alice Luma used in her House Fellowship (Christian Life Center, Goroka)


Our training is basic but in the hands of seasoned pastors and ministry workers it becomes a tool to save a soul.


These training has helped me to understand that a human being created by God is loaded with potential, all it needs is a motivational and a purposeful touch at certain areas at certain times to become what is was made for.

The purpose of our basic computing training is to equip the saints for the work of ministry, to build up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God – a mature person, attaining to the measure of Christ’s full stature. So we are no longer to be children, tossed back and forth by waves and carried about by every wind of teaching by the trickery of people who craftily carry out their deceitful schemes. But practicing the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Christ, who is the head. From him the whole body grows, fitted and held together through every supporting ligament. As each one does its part, the body grows in love.

EPHESIANS 4:12 – 16

We want to be seen as making an impact on the questions and challenges that Apostle Paul highlights in Romans 10: 13 – 15. “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How are they to call on one they have not believed in? And how are they to believe in one they have not heard of? And how are they to hear without someone preaching to them? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How timely is the arrival of those who proclaim the good news.”

Discussion time

Discussion time

We thank the Lord for our participants who are seasoned preachers and so our goal is to assist the Church to deliver what they know in a different format.

Pastor Alice Luma developed her Power Point Presentation during class time on Thursday (7th July 2016) and in the evening used the printed out A4 sheets to preach at her “House Fellowship” time with other women in her cell group.

She was really excited as she shared about her evening experience; her audience were “captured by the pictures” on the paper and as she shared from the Scriptures they fully understood that God really loved each one of them.

Just like in other training we have experienced, the participants in their creativeness use their own initiative to start using what they pick up in class as soon as an opportunity comes. We continue to be blessed with Power Point Presentations during devotion times and appreciation speeches during graduation time.

Here are some of the samples from different participants from different courses.

CLC sample

CLC sample

The participants are full of joy and excitement because they have learned the skill of inserting Church logos and developing letterheads for their denominations. They are all smiles when they hold a printed copy; the work of their fingers!


Foursquare sample

Foursquare sample





A slide developed by Ps Albert during the basic computing course.

A slide developed by Ps Albert during the basic computing course.

On a higher level some have developed teaching resources on various themes or topics. One participant went ahead and developed a presentation to introduce each participant as they came forward to receive their certificates.

We again thank the Lord for the prayers and support of everyone involved to point the saints to the work they have been called for. As trainers and facilitators we continue to be blessed as we see pastors who have never used a computer in their life to produce professional material with a goal to win souls for Christ.

We have have experienced the success of these training because of the the grace of God and the perpetual guidance and help of the Holy Spirit, he is always our strength when we are in need.



What is behinde the smoke

Heating the stones for “mumu”

There is a saying; “Where there is fire there is smoke” I have experienced it being used in a negative context where someone tried to cover up for a mistake. We all know that any wrong committed under the sun cannot be covered up completely, someday it will be revealed! Just as a smoke is an evidence of the presence of a fire, my smoke is an evidence of yet another successful basic computing course. This time it was held at Gaupa Four Square Church for both Western Highlands and Jiwaka pastors.

Pastor Saina with her first print job

Pastor Saina with her first print job

Learning Technologies PNG staff has not conducted training in these two provinces before and so it was a great opportunity to deliver this training. The training was embraced with open arms by the participants that the Foursquare Western Highlands Provincial Overseer, Pastor Saina Berry, described it as the unspoken, hidden and the most needed training for modern pastors.  Pastor Saina who travels overseas for speaking engagements and conferences said the one important thing mission in her ministry and business life was the computer skills. She joked that the LTPNG staff were sent to deliver this training only for her.

As facilitators, we saw the hunger for training as pastors spent long hours to get as much as possible in the two weeks we were there. We are finding it a custom for participants to sleep at the classroom


Participants who did not want to have a break!

for security for the equipment but more importantly to spend more time on a computer. The inclusion of a portable printer onto our packing list is working wonders for the participants. The excitement of holding a finished printed document is awesome! I have heard “hallelujahs” in a church service so many times but to hear it as a result of a printed document is something else! Hallelujah!

Yes for you computer natives, the process of printing out your document from a flash drive is a process done without much thinking. For our participants, it is indeed a great undertaking to save a document from a folder in the training computer to a flash drive and then print it out from another computer hooked up with a printer.

pastor hanna solomon

Pastor Hannah Solomon working on her ppp

Now translate it into a pastor’s ministry life in a remote Papua New Guinea setting and it amounts to time and money. For instance if a pastor jumps on a public transport with plans to print and distribute a church program while in town but has not saved it properly on a flash drive, time and money and opportunity to distribute is wasted.

The above scenario makes BCT a unique training to equip pastors to work with what they have in their different situations. We praise God for the feedback that pastors doesn’t queue up to get their programs typed for them because they can type their own programs! That is why we need to be sensitive to train them to use whatever is available in their locality. Our current advice to pastors is to save to buy computers for their ministry because we see what they can produce during the training.

ppp samples

First ppp slide show by Ps Roy

This particular graduation was held in the evening and the night experience was very special to us. I can still remember the loud applause by the church members, family and friends as the participants used the skills learned to preach and show slide show using the power point program. The appreciation gifts and love offering was given with such generosity and appreciation to match their need for such a training.

mumu pre

Preparing the pig for mumu

We thank the Lord for everyone involved to put this training together, especially Dio Mondo (CRMF Technician) who had a heart to extend BCT to the pastors in Jiwaka and Western Highlands Province.  In closing, I thank God in the words expressed by Pastor Paul Kaumb (Foursquare Overseer for Jiwaka Province) who pointed out that it was the first time for pastors from both provinces to come together since its separation. Thank you Lord that in you we have unity!

graduation meal

Delicious graduation meal


BCT participants


Gaupa Foursquare Church, Baisu WHP

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BCT Participants at Seigu Foursquare Church

BCT Participants at Seigu Foursquare Church

Our participants in the basic computing courses have given us inspiration to continue to deliver this most needed training. We pause now to give thanks to the Lord for giving this vision to Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) to equip pastors so that they can preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God to today’s generation.

Pastor Dickson

Pastor Dickson Kare second from left with his daughter

We also pray that the Lord will open up more opportunities for pastors and ministry leaders to be trained and equipped with skills and resources to witness to those who are lost.

Learning Technologies PNG (LTPNG) under CRMF’s goal to be the Technology for the Church has been offering this Basic Computing Training (BCT) for four years and the need is enormous! At every graduation the request is the same; please do training for our next lot of pastors!

What Norman Vincent Pede said “PEOPLE BECOME REALLY REMARKABLE WHEN THEY START THINKING THAT THEY CAN DO THINGS” is so true for our participants. As trainers we are privileged that our participants are seasoned preachers and ministry leaders who have made an impact in the lives of the people in their circles of ministry.

Our work is to assist them to move from the known to the unknown, from their comfort zones to new horizons. It is not easy for most of them because they hold important positions at provincial and district levels and as pastors in their local congregations. We praise God as they humble themselves and became students. We too are honored to be of help to these wonderful and remarkable people whose zeal is to establish God’s kingdom here on earth.

Bryan with Provincial Coordinator for Foursquare Health Services Pastor

Bryan with Provincial Coordinator for Foursquare Health Services

Pastor Dickson Kare who is an overseer for his district said he has not been in a learning environment for over thirty years.

This computer training has given him an opportunity to learn one important savvy that he really needed for the ministry. He thanks the Lord for the full time ministry as a pastor, but stated that his only weakness that prevented him to higher positions was “computer knowledge”. With basic computer skills he could have been the Principal of a Bible College.

Pastor Dickson prepared a Microsoft Power Point Presentation 2010 (ppp) on graduation day that gave a profile picture and details of each participant as they were called up to receive their certificates. We empowered him to use his own initiative by teaching the basics and he went ahead to develop this wonderful presentation; he became a remarkable “student” whose one weakness in ministry was lack of computer skills.

Pastor Asepi doing her devotional

Pastor Asepi Otume doing her devotional

But hold on, there were two more remarkable students who not only amazed us as trainers but astonished their fellow participants by delivering their morning devotional using ppp and overhead projector.

Pastor Asepi Otume shared on the popular John 3:16 Scripture and emphasized on the theme of “giving”. She summarized her devotional by challenging us to see the example of God who gave his only son and Jesus who gave up his own life willingly for us; what can you and I give, what a simple and straight forward challenge?

PPP developed by Pastor Ketura Soso for her devotional

PPP developed by Pastor Ketura Soso for her devotional

Our second remarkable student (another woman pastor) Ps Ketura Soso shared from John 19:16 – 17, So they took Jesus, and carrying his own cross he went out to the place called “The Place of the Skull”

She based her theme on; “carrying his own cross” and she did an excellent job on the how Jesus did not give in to the unbearable pain and suffering but dearly held on to the cross. At this stage in the presentation we were all in tears as the ppp clearly brought out the meaning of what it meant for Jesus to carry that cross on our behalf – thank you Jesus for your love! Help us to hold onto what you have given us.

We give glory to God for the use of technologies to present his Good News in more ways than just hearing a sermon. Someone said, “The size of your success depends on the depth of your desire” We have achieved new levels in the recent training with the Foursquare Church in the following ways;

Pastor Russell of Genoka Block with his first print job

Pastor Russell of Genoka Block with his first print job

We were one day ahead of schedule which gave us more time to teach more on a couple of difficult areas which needed more time and practice.

We had a printer on site to train them to save their work on a flash drive from their training computer and go to a second computer hooked up to a printer to print their work.

We had a participant (Ps Dickson) do a ppp for the receiving of certificates by the participants.

We also received a generous love offering from the church leaders to assist LTPNG to continue to offer BCT to other churches. It has been another wonderful two weeks of equipping the pastors and ministry leaders for ministry. Thank you for your wonderful support as we make a difference in the lives of the pastors and by doing that we help to make inroads for the Gospel to be preached.

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BCT participants

BCT participants

In his first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul clarifies the issue of God’s decision to propagate salvation to all mankind by choosing the way of the cursed cross.

He emphasized the redeeming saving power of God in a cross which men considered a symbol of scorn and shame (1 Corinthians 1:18 – 2:5) My interest is in the context that Paul is simply saying that men’s knowledge can no way be compared with God’s wisdom.

knowledgeIn light of the ongoing Basic Computing Courses (BCT) while monitoring the requests coming in, we are discovering that the Lord is shifting the position of computing skills which have been in the officers and the corridors of intellectuals is now be delivered in the palm floors and the thatched roofs of veteran pastors in the remote communities. It is no longer a skill only for high rise buildings because the pastors are already using it inside uncompleted church buildings or even makeshift shelters to preach the gospel.

CRMF could still be delivering this most needed training for pastors throughout the country for the next five years.

Brian Ward helping a pastor

Brian Ward helping a pastor

As Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) exist to be the “Technology for the Church”, I wish to share participants view on Basic Computing Course (BCT).

We have eventually discovered in the process of delivering that it was God’s own pleasure to reveal the need to prepare pastors for advancing the gospel via technology.

Bryan speaking at the graduation.

Bryan speaking at the graduation with Division Seven Overseer Ps. Martin at the background

From facilitation perspective, our goal is to equip the pastors so that they can be competent to minister to today’s Church goers.

From the recipient perspective, considering the fact that most have not touched a computer before, the basic computing course is a setting which fast track educational barriers and simplify technological gizmos and knowledge to learn a new important skill for ministry.

Thanking the participants for their patience and perseverance

Thanking the participants for their patience and perseverance

To me the exciting part is when we tell them on the first day of the course that computer skills is not important, that it is only a tool to assist you to do what you are really good at; preaching the Good News of our Lord Jesus! This knowledge is sufficient for them to persevere to the end because they already know what they have and so they look forward to what they need during the training.

The following are some statements made by various participants who enjoyed the basic computing skills training which was perceived as restricted knowledge for the academics.

Taking notes and using their own notes to find their way in the computer is a normal thing in our workshops

Taking notes and using their own notes to find their way in the computer is a normal thing in our workshops

“Mipela ting olsem dispel kain save em long ol university lain tasol” We always thought that this knowledge (of computer skills) was only for academics and professionals – Pastor Joe, Four Square Church Bogia, Madang Province.

“Mi luksave olsem komputa kos em i no secret samting, em isi sapos yu save long kontrolim mouse na putim arrow long right hap. Nau mi kisim dispel save, mi tok tenku long Bikpela olsem, mi wankain wantaim ol save man” I discovered in this computer training that the skills are not so difficult and can be achieved; the secret is to master the mouse. With the basic skills I learned in this course, I praise God that he has allowed me to become computer literate – Dickson, Nazarene Church, Awara, AROB.

“Mi tok tenku long Bikpela long Pastor Martin husait i gat vision na save long lain olsem CRMF; long kisim mipela bus pasta long nupela level long laip na ministry. Mipela yet i save olsem mipela i no inap long kisim dispel kain save tasol mipela bilip long Holi Spirit tasol long helpim mipela.” I thank God for such a leader like Pastor Martin who has a vision to equip simple pastors like us and the relationship and network with CRMF to bring this technical training (BCT) to remote people like us – Pastor Mos Magine.

Division Seven Four Square Pastors (Daulo)

Division Seven Four Square Pastors (Daulo)

In conclusion, we as a team praise God that these basic computing skills will stop pastors from queuing up for typing and printing at private and public officers in town.

Thank you again for your prayers and support to give power to the pastors and ministry leaders, helping them experience the freedom that such knowledge is for everyone, especially for them as pastors who can use these skills as premise for what they have learned in BCT’s, as we celebrate in the greater premise of changed lives.


Pamela and Christie

Pamela Matthew and Christie Ward came to witness the graduation

This was a great opportunity to bring wives to see first hand what the Lord is doing in the lives of remote pastors.


The participants also had the opportunity to the meet the women who support their husbands in this exciting ministry.


Lina and Grace enjoying graduation lunch

Lina and Grace enjoying graduation lunch

Grace works as an accounts clerk with CRMF and was one of the two staff members selected to witness the ministry of Learning Technologies PNG in this graduation. She represents other CRMF national staff who support LTPNG and CRMF’s vision to offer technical help to the Church in PNG.