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The footprints

                      “One who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints”

By proverb

In the 1800’s, the missionary pioneers LANDED ON the shores and TREKED THE jungles of Papua New Guinea and left their foot prints.  On that same wave were the government officers, educators and business entrepreneurs. The urgency to civilize the unreached was the motivating factor and as a result, gathering and wandering groups became settled communities.  We commend the pioneers of various fields which set the fabric for today’s Papua New Guinea.  Our focus now is on the first fruits of the pioneer missionaries who caught the vision to continue to pass the baton to the unreached communities. Today our own missionaries are leaving the Papua New Guinean shores to carry the gospel to unreached people.  Sadly, the foot prints of our pioneer missioners here in PNG have been erased just like a wave that clears a foot print left in the sand, even the jungle floods have covered up the evidence of those blessed feet that brought the good news over the rugged mountains. However, the real message of the gospel is not in the foot prints but in the hearts of those who have genuinely stored in their hearts and have become live models for others.

Therefore our goal is to “ride on the shoulders of those giants” and plot a new track using technologies so that the foot print of the Holy Spirit is evident in the lives of those we contact. We are doing this through our ongoing survey program.

The latest survey in one of the province in the highlands showed that a good number of Christians need literature on baptism, faith and salvation. The basic foundation for any Christian to grow from, thus the same need today as in the 1800’s.  The pioneers distributed the Good News on paper which was vulnerable to water and weather but hopefully stored in the heart. Now a vibrant missionary has the opportunity to carry the Good News on flash drives, SD micro cards, audio devices and mobile phones but the million kina question is “Will the heart receive the Good News?”

We desire to be the last mile to give a bible to a pastor who needs one, an audio bible to a woman who lives in fear, to a blind pastor who can preach again and to the illiterate ministry leaders who can be equipped and empowered to present the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to do the finishing touches, a foot print that will never be erased.

         If you are on this side of the bridge, come and partner with us and if you on the other side, please find a way to come see us for help.

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Last Project for 2012

It is general knowledge that most districts in PNG lack basic infrastructure. The national newspapers and broadcasting services mention this fact numerous times and so such headlines on paper and news have become calloused to the eyes and ears of Papua New Guineans. LT has decided to engage two voluntary workers to confirm the “known needs” that are evident in the remote communities.

The recent survey done in a district in South Simbu showed most people interviewed desired for a good road access to their community to sell their produce and buy basics from the shops in town. That again is general know ledge groaning for the appropriate leaders and departments to take action.

Our search in this exercise has been confirmed that all of the church leaders and ministry leaders interviewed had a need for resources. The specific needs mentioned were for literature on faith, baptism and basic knowledge to grow into matured Christians.  Pastors need bibles to preach, Sunday school teachers need materials to teach and the illiterate need audio materials to hear God’s word.

The survey to be conducted amongst the youth of PNG Christian Life Center Church in two weeks time is another opportunity to confirm what the youths of this country need in areas of spiritual growth and resources to reach out to their peers.

Pray with us as Francis Paul, Johnson Irarue  and Caine Ruruk head to Ramu Valley in Madang Province for the last project of 2012.