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We can thank God that there are many denominations in Papua New Guinea and that the different denominations are avenues for the gospel of Christ to be preached. Hopefully, all these denominations are not different ways to go to heaven, for Acts 4:12 very clearly states that through Jesus alone can a person go to heaven. There are Bible references that support why Jesus is the only way; John 14:6, is the central one that Jesus himself declared. We can go ahead and list some basic fundamental biblical based knowledge why Jesus is the only way; he is the only person that came from heaven to earth and returned back, he is the only one that died on the cross for our sins, he is the only whose grave is empty! He is risen indeed and will be coming back to take us to be where he is (John 14:1-3)

The PNG Post Courier ran an article titled “Muslim Converts increase in PNG” (March 6th 2013) and the following statement caught my attention; According to local Muslim leaders, Islam is growing rapidly especially in the Highlands region, especially in the province of Chimbu, and has been successful especially in the Melanesian population who had not converted to the Christian faith in the past.

CRMF has a Jesus Film outreach ministry and an opportunity has been given by the leadership to share the gospel at the Easter week-end.  Eight CRMF staff members will partner with a local Lutheran Renewal Church in Markham Valley to show the Jesus film. Our aim is to assist the different churches and denominations in Markham, to preach the gospel of Christ via the Jesus film. The eight staff members will be divided into two teams with a goal to do outreach with eight different communities. We plan to leave some short Bibles study topics, reflection questions and some Sunday school sample lessons in light of the Jesus film.

Why is CRMF doing this? We believe that every Melanesian must be given an opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ in various ways that are available in today’s age. Our prayer is that those who hear the gospel preached or see it preached (Jesus film)will not stop there but take that very important step to make a personal commitment to follow Christ, thus avoid being “easy targets” for false religions and doctrines. We feel that our time spent this Easter week –end in this little way will present an opportunity for someone to come to know Christ in a personal way.

Knowing that our country is largely made up of oral communities, CRMF has now established a channel with overseas partners with the overall goal to saturate these oral communities with the gospel of Christ. We believe that the power of the WORD itself presented via mobile phones, solar powered MP3/4 players, tablets and whatever else available on today’s technical wave will make an impact on people’s lives. We plan to promote some of these devices during these Easter week-end.

May God be glorified during this special time of reflecting on the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus and His ministry beyond the empty tomb.

Bible Distribution- the most active ministry!

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In over an year and seven months, a total of 3,191 Bibles and Biblical resources were distributed by CRMF Learning Technologies PNG.

The bibles distributed were in audio and in print form. The highest selling print bible is the GNB Tok Pisin Pocket Size Green Vinal, followed by the GNB Pocket size for the“ English zone” areas.

For the audio bibles, 337 Full Tok Pisin Bible content was distributed on Megavoice Ambassador and Micro Envoy solar powered players, while 326 English Bible content was  distributed on Davar Partner’s Audibible player.  Recently, an order for Bible handbook, dictionary and concordance were requested and in a month 100 Bible dictionaries, 45 each of Bible Handbooks and  concordances were distributed.

 All the increasing number of Bibles being distributed is possible because of MAF pilots who have the heart to carry a box of Bibles as they fly to the different remote locations. “Every time I have taken my  bible box out it has come back empty. The eagerness to buy bibles is great to see and occurs at every place I’ve sold them” Michael Duncalfe.

“All the bibles you sent me are sold are now. I need about 7-8 boxes (of Bibles)to stock up” Michael Vogel.  “ Michael Duncalfe and I sold about 60 bibles last Friday and 4 Ambassadors (Tok Pisin audio bible). It’s quiet amazing, this ministry really seems to take off” Michael Vogel.

On average we receive requests to pack and supply  boxes of Bibles about twice a week. “Could I please order another box of pocket tok pisin Bibles as well as another box of the large English Good News Bibles? Thanks, Mif Little.

Besides pilots, wives like Mif Little is in charge of Bibles distribution for the MAF Kawito Base in the Western Province of PNG.

We have just ordered another 800 copies of Bible handbooks, dictionaries, and concordances because of the increasing demand for these biblical materials.

Please pray with us as we plan to recruit a person to take care of logistics of this fast expanding ministry of distributing bibles and biblical resources to remote parts of PNG.

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