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The month of May is very well remembered in the Eastern Highlands of PNG because of the “may flower” The never ending green hills and slopes are covered with dark maroon flowers as it announces itself by overtaking the green carpet . The general belief is that it brings cold fevers, flu’s and all kinds of sicknesses.  For us in the crowded office of Learning Technologies PNG, we shall remember the month of May as the time a giant step was taken to bridge the gap to bring Tok PLes Bibles to the oral communities of PNG.

 The Tuma-Irumu New Testament and Psalms was successfully loaded on the MegaVoice long play Envoy to be distributed to the Tuma-Irumu people of Morobe Province.  This paves the way for the long term ongoing translation programs in the country to use the expertise and the facilities of LTPNG to load published New Testaments in the future.

This was possible because the MegaVoice Office in Singapore gave us the advice and the status as a Media Centre for Asia Pacific Area to assemble the Envoy units. Now oral strategies in terms of audio Bibles and Biblical resources should not be a hindrance for God’s word to reach the people in their heart language.  The final step was to press the pause button on the solar powered Envoy player and hear the Tuma-Irumu language flow forth into the ears of those who worked hard to put it together.

 The LT staff had a feeling of achievement because here was a product that was assembled, labeled and loaded here at the CRMF Communications Centre. Now we have something that works to take it to our people in the remote communities; the word of God in their heart language!

 Ironically, the Tok Pisin which is one of the “heart language” of most Papua New Guineans over multi cultural groups and languages was given the green light by the PNG Bible Society to be free for packaging and distribution by various entities like LTPNG.  The pocket size Tok Pisin green cover Bible continues to be the highest selling product for us. With PNG Bible Society’s blessing on the audio Tok Pisin Bible, the future for Tok Pisin audi Bible distribution looks bright.

 Orality is alright now because the next best thing to happen is the ‘Oral Strategy Workshop by the MAF NAMPA team in July. This workshop will train Pastors and Church ministry leaders to preach the Gospel using the technique of accurate bible story telling. The principal of known to the unknown is again the best approach as the local pastors and ministry leaders have been brought up through story telling. The land boundaries, customs, beliefs and morals in society have been passed on from generation to generation through story telling. It is the best medium for education anywhere and so we look forward to a great time with the team from NAMPA.

 We have seen a blind Pastor empowered to preach again, a woman fearful of evil spirits gain confidence to fight that fear and illiterate ministry leaders continue on in ministry through the audio devices. Oral societies and oral learners can be reached for Christ as you partner with us in prayer and giving.

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The Boy who cried Bible! Bible!

Narer Mission station on Karkar Island in the Madang Province is the spot that Lutheran Church established its outpost to reach out to the rest of the Island. Badly needing renovations and replacement of rusted iron roofs represents a spot that brought the Good News to the Island. After preaching at this place on Sunday, an opportunity kindly given to me by Pastor David, an invitation was given for prayer of re-commitment. Almost half of the congregation members stepped forward for prayer. Then the leadership and Pastor David came to the front to be prayed for.

We were then given a traditional gift of ‘bilum’ string bag as guests. Little did I know that the young girl who gave me my gift is a mute child whose dad passed away in 2008. Then another surprise as the offering collected was presented to us which I announced to them to be given to the LT Bible Fund.

And yet another biggest surprise we got after walking back from Church for rest and lunch at the mission house was five year old Gideon! His mum explained that he really wanted a Bible so much that he checked his mum’s purse for money, urging that he will not go home until he gets a bible!

The interesting thing is that we did not do awareness for Bibles at Church and so my only conclusion is that little Gideon was prompt by the Holy Spirit to want a Bible.

Please pray with us that the people in Narer will become like little children to be able to enter into the kingdom of God. That they would desire the Word of God so much that like little Gideon will cry Bible! Bible!

Lendy is the mute girl who presented me my gift. She was full of smiles as she holds the Audibible that LTPNG gave her. Within minutes after receiving it she was listening to it with her friends.