How are we doing?

According to Romans 10:14-15, Apostle Paul plays around with the question of how to get non believers into the kingdom of God. He also tells us how in those two verses; believing as a result of hearing, hearing because someone is preaching and
preaching because someone did go to preach. The end result is souls calling on the name of Jesus for salvation.

We have recently seen that in our ministry trip to Karkar Island in the Madang province. Because the Lord gave us an opportunity to go , 25 souls have been saved, about 20 audio bibles on solar powered players have been sold and over 50 print bibles have been sold.

I can write this story because Miss Lillian Paul, a former OM missionary to South Africa has a vision to help her people come to know Jesus. So that is what we are do; link individuals, churches and leaders with a vision for their ccommunities, with the end result of people coming to Christ.