Basics is the first step for us

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Lina demonstrates the use of the mouse

Lina demonstrates the use of the mouse

It has taken LTPNG personnel three days to arrive at a training venue to conduct a Basic Computer training workshop for South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC). This first of its kind training for remote pastors and ministry leaders is a result of Carol Noah, the Missions Coordinator for SSEC Momase region. Miss Carol first heard of the ministry of Learning Technologies at the Christian Leaders Training College during the 2012 Missions Launch out.

Since that time she planned to invite LTPNG to help out with training for her pastors and ministry leaders. Some of the participants of this course are students from Kwanga 2 Christian Foundation Training School of which Carol has founded. Even though only four computers were shared between the 28 participants, the lack of a personal machine did not diminish their desire to learn the basics of computer.

 It was the first time for LTPNG to conduct such a workshop with the challenge of meeting the needs of 28 fist timers with only four computers. The first afternoon session was to familiarize with the mouse left and right click and a double click, it was a slow process but the faces of the participants showed that they were into an exciting experience.

Our story ends on this note that the participants took a long time to leave when Lina dismissed them for the day! We will bring you more stories tomorrow on the results of double clicks!

Please pray that we have transportation to get out of here in time to catch the plane on Friday morning as it took us three days to reach the training venue.          

Mrs Lilly, tries out typing skills on the keyboard

Mrs Lilly, tries out typing skills on the keyboard


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