Coffee Flower by Caine from Brugam Bush

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Beyond the flower is the aroma of a cup of coffee

Beyond the flower is the aroma of a cup of coffee

 Every coffee farmer knows the value of the coffee tree flower. Its strong fragrance disappears into beans. It then goes through the fingers and then the pulpier and finally arrives at the processors and then finally announces its aroma out of a steaming cup. From flower to the cup the remote person has benefited from the process.

 However, the picture tells a story of a huge gap between the flower and the cup because transportation by road plays a major role in the final process. The challenge is to link many spread out hamlets and villages built on narrow ridges to a major road into town. The urban offers the market that the bulk of the country’s population depends on to sell their produce. Papua New Guinea falls short to the basic maintenance of its road systems. It is the same story every where of how the roads were really good before and now the roads are very bad.

The simple people understand that their heavenly father has provided them with so much wealth in coffee, cocoa, vanilla and gardens overflowing with all kinds of vegetables. What they do not understand is who can help them to enjoy the blessings they have. The only option is to carry the produce for long kilometers to get to an accessible road or wait for a dry season for 4 wheel drive vehicles to come through.

We walked for five hours by flash light to reach the village of our host and then walked another four hours the next day to reach the training venue. We were sweating, tired and exhausted and although we had two stops on the way to rest we were so tired that after enjoying coconut juice, we slept the entire afternoon. Although we suffered swollen foot and stiff knees, our purpose for walking was to conduct basic computer skills for twenty eight participants. Just like the coffee flower which has potential to be enjoyed by many, we believe that the basic skills learned will benefit the pastors, Bible school students and ministry who participated in the workshop.  

Participants wait patiently as each one gets a turn to practise with a computer.

Participants wait patiently as each one gets a turn to practise with a computer.


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