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The Stone Tablet by LT Staff

Participants gather aroung a power point

Participants gather around a power point

We have been in the age of pulpit for so long that we have not grown independent in helping ourselves to grow in the knowledge of Christ. As a result the pastors who minister in the word of God have carried all the bulk of ministering to the members. Thank you CRMF Learning Technologies for coming to our humble community to teach the introductory course in Basic Computer Skills. We realize that it is only a start to greater things to come and so we are comforted by the experience of the blind man healed by Jesus in Mark  8:22-25, now is the first touch, please come back for the second touch. We request that you do come back as we need the second touch to help our people.

The representative of the participants made the above speech at the closing of the course and ended by saying that LTPNG served as the link to join the remote people with today’s technology just as we are commanded to abide in Christ to bear much fruit (John 15:5) With tablets, mobile phones, audio bibles, SD cards and flash drives  and the basic computer skills training, we see a great opportunity to help spread the word of God to our remote people.A participant named this Samsung tablet “The Stone Tablet of Moses”

A participant named this Samsung tablet "The Stone Tablet of Moses"

A participant named this Samsung tablet “The Stone Tablet of Moses”

A participant getting the feel of a tablet and going through the resources available on the Estante Program.  All those who saw the resources were fascinated by the fact that a pastor can carry all the Bibles, handbooks, dictionaries and other biblical resources on a portable device.

At the closing of the training a gift of the string bag was presented to the LTPNG country leader, Bryan Mathew with these words;  “As a gesture of our genuine request for help and prayers, we present this string bag (bulim) to the country leader of Learning Technologies PNG in the hope of partnering together to fill the empty string bag with tables, mobile phones, sd cards, flash drives and audio bibles for our remotest people”

Women participants listening to the Envoy

Women participants listening to the Envoy

The women leaders who attended the Basic Computer Skills training represented the Sunday School Ministry, Women;s Fellowship and Youth Ministry. They listen to the audio version of the Good News Bibles in Pidgin English (Tok Pisin) from the Envoy Micro player by MegaVoice.

Pray with us that this community has seen the potential of audio Bible in their community and these leaders are willing to raise funds to buy units for distribution.

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The Bible Box Story by Andrew Little

Despite the gospel having been heard almost throughout the entire western province, Churches and Christians remain isolated by vast distances and difficult terrain. ‘Getting things’ is hard, and that includes bibles and literature to encourage and strengthen God’s people. MAF is positioned ideally as a delivery platform, which is where the bible box comes in. MAF-Learning Technologies sends resources such as Bibles, Bible dictionaries and solar powered audio-bibles to the MAF bases, then the pilots can fill a 10kg box to take with them on their rounds. As a pilot operating out of Kawito base, I find that almost every time I take the Bible box, I completely sell out. Pocket bibles are the most popular item, but audibibles and dictionaries sell fast too. Here are some comments I’ve heard at different communities: “You’ll bring more bibles next time please.” (After a community had emptied the box), “We need more Bibles”, “Can you bring 200 Bibles for students at the school.” One day I flew to Kiriwo, and a man met the plane to buy Bibles. I soon found out he had walked more than 50miles from the Indonesian border just to meet the aeroplane! Unfortunately we had run out of stock and I had none to offer, which happens regularly too because we just sell Bibles faster than we can re-stock! The hunger for hearing more of God’s word is great, and making God’s word available in the bush is a very special part of what MAF do here.

Bible sales at Gubam, some of the guys with their bibles

Bible sales at Gubam, some of the guys with their bibles

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Audio Bible in Every Home

Carol NOah

Carol Noah

Carol Noah who comes from Inokoi village of Brugum District , in the East Sepik Province had the challenge to develop human resource since 1997. She observed that the ‘Haus Tambaran” (house for men where training of adulthood is taught) activities occupied the minds of the potential students who could have received better education. She made up her mind that she would strive to set up a training school to train others to excel higher. Back in 1994 she had a call to go to her local SSEC Bible School in Brugum. After completing her two years she went to Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) in 1997 and completed a Diploma in Theological studies.

While taking the Community Development course at CLTC her desire to train others increased the more and she encouraged another person to go and study at CLTC. By 2010, the first steps to start training others started with the help of Ezekiel Titus whom Carol encouraged to study at CLTC.

Currently the South Sea Evangelical Church Kawanga 2 Christian Foundation Training School in Brugum District of Wewak is into building classrooms and dormitories for students. The completed buildings consist of two classrooms, a single men’s dormitory to house 10 students with another project in the pipeline to build houses for marriage couples. The students are currently studying ‘Basic Christian Foundation’ a study from CLTC program.

The introductory course for basic computer skills by LTPNG is a way into partnering together to train Christian leaders for today’s generation. Carol said this opportunity has also given her ideas toward establishing a curriculum that will include technologies as well as biblical studies for her Bible School. This training is a start to an ongoing input into the Bible school training schedule which will give opportunity for LTPNG personnel to help teach at her Bible school.

“My goal is to offer a holistic training so that a student is trained to be equipped for all the vital areas of today’s ministry which involves modern technology. Therefore when I heard about the LTPNG awareness at CLTC last year, I knew it in my heart as God’s answer to my prayer. I am grateful that this training has eventuated and as a result it has given me a vision to place audio bibles to every home in my district with partnership of Learning Technologies”

The different colors and designs are a picture of the many challenges that Carol faces to build a Bible School to address the bottom line of bringing God’s living word to her people. The tradition string bag caries all sorts of personal items for the owner and her vision is to put a Bible in the string bag of every owner in her district.

Traditional Sepik Bilum, from Carol's District

Traditional Sepik Bilum, from Carol’s District