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Lost in Church by Caine

Susan is a regular vendor at the Usino Bundi market who asked for clarification and prayer during the recent outreach ministry “I used to worship in a certain Church (named)but now I worship in a new Church (named) but I am more confused than ever about which is the true church” This was discovered by the CRMF outreach team in a trip to Buksak, Madang Province.  She is in a situation similar to a lot of Church goers in Papua New Guinea.

She lacks the basic knowledge of what a true Church is? Her situation portraits why we have a lot of churches but very few Christians!  She expressed that she changed her first denomination in the hope of getting answers but instead her new choice of denomination has really confused her of her faith.

                                                              Susan with the Outreach team                           
                                                                                         Susan with the Outreach team

According to Ephesians 1:22 all denominations should display Christ and his examples and teachings because the Bible clearly states so. All denominations strive to do that but somehow the emergence of so many denominations and poorly trained ministers of the Gospel bring so much confusion to the Churches today.

Susan repented in tears of following a denomination instead of looking to Jesus for her answers.

LT team had the opportunity to donate a Tok Pisin pocket size Bible to assist her in her search to finding the bible truths that she desperately needs.

Susan can read as she has completed grade 2 and she broke down again in tears as she received the gift.

Please pray for Susan as she has taken that big step to approach us in public and to repent of following denominations. That her hunger for answers will motivate her to search the Scriptures  in the Bible. That her Church does provide an environment for her to grow in her knowledge of who Christ really is and help others to worship Christ and not denominations.

The following day on Sunday (17th) the preacher used John 3:16 to preached and as I sat with the rest of the Buksak community for the service, it clicked that Nicodemus was in the Church but he was totally lost. Both Nicodemus and Susan were involved in a religious activity and were in for the biggest surprise of their lives until they discovered who Jesus really is. Nicodemus found his answer in the night that he needed to be born again while Susan found her answer in broad daylight that she needed to take her eyes off denominations and look to Jesus.  Both found their answers in Jesus!

Johnson with the children at EBC church service at Buksak

Johnson with the children at EBC church service at Buksak, Madang Province.

For those of us who attend church regularly, let us check ourselves, we could be lost in Church!

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Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) has a partnership with the Christian Life Church(CLC) Goroka to be involved in assisting to teach at the Highlands Region Ministry Training School. The CLC Bible School reopened its training after years of laying off and last week end marked its second graduation. Michael Wakefield, the general manager for CRMF was the guest speaker for this special occasion.

michael web 2

Michael Wakefield, CRMF General Manager delivering the key note address to the graduating pastors

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The Twelve Computers by Caine

Learning Technologies PNG brought in 12 second hand desktop computers specifically for training pastors and ministry leaders in the remote places in basic computing.

In August this year the LT team confirmed this growing need for basic computer training while conducting an introductory course with the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) in Brugum, East Sepik Province.

During the August training there were only five computers for the twenty or more participants who attended. We all know that this is not an ideal scenario for good computer training. Now that we have the 12, we look forward to a time of good computer training for the remote pastors and ministry leaders.

In Luke 6:12 – 21 we read that Jesus prayed the whole night and in the morning he choose 12 apostles and after selecting them this is what he stated; “ You who are poor are blessed, because the kingdom of God is yours. You who are now hungry are blessed, because you will be filled. You who now weep are blessed, because you will laugh. 

The 12 computers and all the assessors  for computer training
The 12 computers and all the assessors for computer training

As we see the growing need for basic computer training, we see these 12 computers as a channel for blessing. Those pastors and ministry leaders who struggle to type correspondence, programs, certificates and communication via email will greatly benefit from these 12 computers. We have planned to give a smile to those who need computer training in the remote areas and we have faith that the Lord will use this training and the computers to bless the church.

We praise God for his providence for the computer sets, a printer, network switch, network cables, a spare printer cartridge and even a ream of A4 paper! It was so tempting to run a course right away as everything needed was provided for.

The opportunity to “send out” the 12 will be in May for the Anglican Church ministry leaders in Tufi District and again for the EBC Goroka District in June, with two others already slotted for 2014. The basic computing course for remote pastors and ministry leaders could well become LTPNG’s trade mark for being the last mile to bring technical assistance and biblical resources to churches in the bush.

As the Lord Jesus used the 12 disciples to build his Church on earth, our prayer is that LT staff will be good stewards to use these 12 computers to build up churches and pastors to be effective ministers in today’s  technological generation.

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The Method by Caine

The “Kumul Team” at the closing of a very successful Oral Strategy Workshop in July this year had a good reason to laugh because the workshop was full of fun and laughter. It is indeed a fun way to learn the Bible Scriptures using the Oral Strategy method. The group laughter ended with a delicious “mumu” (Highlands traditional cooking with hot stones) and Pastor Kimbi Brum (first on the left) of Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) continues to smile.

The Kumul team

The Kumul team

When Johnson and I interviewed him two weeks ago for feedback on the Oral Strategy Workshop (OSW) training, this is what he told us.

The Evangelical Brotherhood Church ( EBC) has a neat set up that repeats its main sermon the following Sunday. Ps Kimbi decided to use the story telling method on the repeat Sunday and the results are awesome!

He says, as a pastor he was not sure if his sermon was clearly understood by those who attended, but since he tried the story telling method, he can definitely see the response from his congregation. He now looks forward for the repeat Sunday services unlike the uncertainty of what to do on a repeat Sunday except for just repeating again what was shared last week.  He loves to see the facial changes and more participation by the members as they learn the scriptures in a group atmosphere.

He plans to train others who assist in sharing the responsibility of preaching to use the story telling method on repeat Sundays program.

He also shared about a little boy who was visiting with his family and joined for a family devotion while Kimbi was using the story telling method.  He loved it so much that on another visit the little boy asked if he could stay for devotions. When Ps Kimbi insisted he should go, he said the devotions at his home is boring and good for older people, I like the method you are using!    

Yes, every participant that we have being interviewed says the same thing; they love the method, it is so easy and enjoyable to use and it is a great way for participants to learn from each other.

Please pray for the EBC church in general as the Pastors who attended the training are using it in their church program. Ps. Kimbi and others have requested through their leadership for OSW training in 2014 for their pastors who serve in their individual districts. From the preparations for this training we gather that the number to attend the training could be in the range of 300 pastors!

Stand by for next year as we witness the Lord’s direction to put together a massive training that will equip a large number of pastors to use the story telling method that will bring change and transformation in the lives of Christians.

We appreciate US MAF Learning Technologies in training the pastors to use OSW in their ministry.