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Looking down into Asaro Valley where Kasena is suitated

Looking down into Asaro Valley where Kasena is suitated

Yu no save, mi mas i stap insait long haus bilong papa bilong mi”? “Why were you searching for me”, Jesus asked his parents, “Didn’t you know that I had to be in my Father’s house”? Luke 2:49. The occasion was a Evangelical Brotherhood Church Youth Convention organized by the Goroka District. More than 400 students attended the camp at Kasena, Asaro District.

The challenge given to the youths was to be sure that they are in their father’s house. Jesus was only 12 years old but he knew that he must be in his father’s house. Jesus picks up again in chapter 8:20 – 21; his brothers, sisters and mother are those who do listen to the word of God and apply it in their lives, in this particular case, those who were hearing him preach/teach. In chapter 14:26 the gap between his earthly relatives and his heavenly family becomes clear, pretty strong words to emphasis priority to him over our family and relatives.

Here, Jesus draws a clear line on how we should follow him in order to be effective for his ministry. The team praise God for the EBC leadership to arrange a convention to guide the young students at the end of a school year.

Part of the EBC Youth at the Jesus video night

Part of the EBC Youth at the Jesus video night

Our prayer is that those youths who attended the camp would continue to grow in favor with God and men as Jesus did as a youth 2013 years ago.

The CRMF Jesus video team emphasized that the youth of today face more challenges than previous generations and it is so important to have the right attitude that Jesus had; to be in their father’s house.

  The night of the 14thof December 2013 marked  the 21st Jesus Video show by CRMF staff members.  This is a voluntary effort by staff members who love to share the Good News of Jesus via the video. We know that the Jesus video kit used in the ministry is just a tool for the Holy Spirit to do its work. We trust that the video will make an impact in the lives of some of the youth who came to this year’s camp.

At the end of the video an invitation was given for EBC youth to come to the CRMF Communications base to copy Jesus video, Wara Bilong Laip daily devotional; two students turned up on Tuesday morning with 8GB flash drives. These two did well to find ways to be in their father’s house rather using those flash drives to load something else that would take them away from their father’s house.


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The string bag plays a significant role in everyday life. It is used for carrying personal belongings for safety and convenience. The size of your string bag is determined by its purpose and its original design is deeply rooted in the culture of each province in Papua New Guinea, thus a badge for identity.  Interestingly, a modern user of a string bag mainly focuses on fashion.  By the way the bilums (string bag) in Goroka, Eastern Highlands offer a wide variety of colorful bilums to match your choice of clothes.  What is my point?

 Different bilums of CRMF staff members

My point is that regardless of color, design, size and type of material used to make a bilum, its default purpose is to “carry” something.

At the final day of our CRMF staff and family retreat for 2013, we had communion to finish our week -end of spiritual retreat. Daniel Perrett, our Training Co-coordinator led us into the Lord’s Supper with the display of different bilums from all the staff members.

He used this neat illustration as a reminder that each staff member and family was different but all had one purpose; to serve the Lord in the ministry of Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship.

The beautiful thing and personally the highlight of the retreat was the testimonies around the bonfire on Saturday night; testimonies of God’s faithfulness in how he brought workers past and present to serve in the ministry.

Like the different bilums that were made by different people, the Lord God in his faithfulness has knitted, dyed and designed different families and individuals to serve HIM at CRMF.

Our prayer is that with God’s help, we will continue to “carry” the gospel to the remote communities as we assist the church and missions in technical services

Different staff members serving the Lord with CRMF

Different staff members and families of CRMF

We thank the Lord for his faithfulness and in his sovereignty has brought us together as a single unit to serve him at CRMF for such a time as now.  We all understand that the Lord will open other doors for us to move on but meanwhile it is a special privilege and an honor to be serving the Lord in the wonderful ministry of Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship.

Thank you dear Lord for your faithfulness.