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LTPNG Ministry Trip

LTPNG Facilitator speaking at the Gogodala NT launch in Balimo, WP

 It is possible to spend so much emphasis on producing the Scriptures that we lose track of its actual purpose. The achievement of finally having the Scriptures in the heart language to dedicate on a date set by the organizing committee seems to be the highlight, which in actual fact is only the beginning. I had the privilege to speak briefly at the Gogodala New Testament Reprint launching of the importance of continuing the task after the dedication. I shared how my own Ubir New Testament dedication in 1997 went very well but we may have lost track of its intended purpose. I am still longing to see the impact of the Scriptures that took years to publish.

I encouraged pastors and Church leaders who were at the dedication to the task of engaging the speakers to interact with the Scriptures. Only the Word of God which speaks directly to the heart of a person will make the desired transformation that will become evident over a period of time.

The purpose of the Word of God is very clearly stated in Paul’s advice to young Timothy as he was preparing him for ministry. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good action (ISV).

 Learning Technologies key Scripture from Romans 10:13 – 16 addresses the how’s of assisting the pastors and ministry leaders of the remote church to minister to its members. This is done via solar powered players, mobile phones, tablets, SD cards, flash drives and more.  A Gogodala sample was specifically put together by the LT staff to demonstrate resources availability.

The team managed to collect samples in the midst of the busyness of the dedication to interview pastors and ministry leaders on the impact of the God’s Word in Gogodala and how it can be effectively utilized to bring change in a person, the family, community and nation as a whole.

Gogodala audio samples prepared for the dedication bt LT staff

Gogodala audio samples prepared for the dedication by LT staff

 MAF pilots are LTPNG’s key partners in the distribution of print and audio Bibles. Solar powered players as such are currently being distributed by MAF pilots in different bases in the country.

The LT team had an opportunity to met Andrew and Mif Little who are very active in Bible distribution in that part of the country. We praise God for the partnership as the Gogodala NT launch was a joint effort by MAF and CRMF Learning Techno logies.

Pray with us and we place more audio bibles in the hands of oral communities in Papua New Guinea, with the understanding that faith comes by hearing.

Using the Android Droid Survey App, the team collected data on the field at Balimo, Western Province and uploaded the results to the LT computer in Goroka to process the results.

Below are some sample results of this very brief survey conducted during the Gogodala New Testament Dedication.

Most interviewed agreed that the Word of God in the heart language will certainly make a difference in the life of a speaker.

  bible study When asked about the needs of the church, “Bible Studies” was top of the list.

  problems in churchWhen pastors were asked about problems in the area that the Church can address, most ticked off “False Teaching” an indication that the church needs to address the issue of false teachings.

LTPNG’s desire is to equip the Church with important information so that the pastors can be adequately equipped to feed their members.  This information can only be gathered by doing surveys.

Times and situations have changed for the local Church in any given location and so LT’s desire is to help the pastor or ministry leader of the day to be better prepared for today’s generation via available technologies.

Information about the ministry of Learning Technologies was given during the dedication and so our prayer is that more church leaders and ministry leaders can contact us for help.


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