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“This fellowship started because of this community’s need to hear about Christ”

This statement was made by one of the founding female leaders of the local Nalepa Christian Life Church, in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. She was among several leaders who gathered together to address the needs of their local fellowship using the “Church Pulse” approach developed by the Multiplication Network; The Learning Technologies team saw this tool as a very informative tool to help churches or fellowship groups keep track of their past and their focus for the future.

Nicholas doing the interview

Nicholas doing the interview

The details collected from the leadership and the survey interviews collected using tablets from the church members will be used to help the local church plan its goals to make Christ known to the surrounding community.

This particular fellowship was started by prayer meetings and house fellowship and formally recognized as a local church in 1993.

In small group sessions to record important events and important people who helped formed the current church, the group discovered that some of the previous outreach and evangelism programs were not being done now.

This confirms that the “Church Pulse” is a healthy way to get all the church members involved so that as a group will plan and plot for the future. Some of the youths involved in the information gathering session realized that good programs that were done before to start the current church must be revisited so that a new vision is built on how the Spirit of the Lord directed to start a fellowship.

Carol using the tablet to collect data

Carol Jowapo using the tablet to collect data

The Church Pulse conducted in two parts involves listing of important events and significant leaders who were instrumental in forming the church and the second phase involves collection of data by tablets.

 The use of mobile devices to collect data has been adapted by the team using the free Droid Survey app to formulate questionnaires for field surveys. The flexibility of the Droid Survey application has enabled the team to develop a couple of surveys to be used depending on the nature of the survey.

 The questions for the Church Pulse was done by the team at Multiplication Network and adapted by the LT team to use the tablet to collect data.

The details on the mobile device are then uploaded using a Wifi connection to one of the LT computer to process the results. The survey results collected from the members will then presented in graph form to help the leadership set vision goals for the various ministries that the local church desires to be involved in.

A sample of the survey result

A sample of the survey result clearly shows that the leadership need to plan

This sample confirms that the leadership of the church needs to set its future goals.

The blue colored graph confirms what Nicholas felt was missing in his local church. Nicholas Jowapo works with CRMF at the front counter as sales person and requested for Church Pulse to be done with his local church.

All members who took part in the collecting of information and giving of details for the survey agreed that it is a healthy exercise for any church to check itself using this tool. It requires humbleness by the leadership to go through this exercise.

It was also another opportunity for me to preach at this local church from Paul’s opening chapter to the believers at Ephesus on the theme of Spiritual Blessings in Christ; that we are chosen by God, redeemed by Christ and sealed by the Holy Spirit. It was a great week-end for conducting the Church Pulse and also being refreshed again by His Word.

Small group sessions were done to record significant events in the history of the growth of the church. A list was also done to record names of pioneers who were instrumental taking note of their leadership styles in the infant stages.

The scribe for Group Two lists the points provided by the group members.

Group two writer

Group two writer

Group three doing their list

                Group three doing their list

The men’s group had a privilege of an elderly member who knew most of the history of the church. Having older members of the local church is good for conducting Church Pulse as the information they have is valuable for the new leaders and younger members of the church.

The men's group

The men doing their list

As a facilitator for this particular exercise, I see a great potential in assisting the local churches to learn about their history, it captures the spirit and the purpose of starting a church fellowship and it gives the leadership a bigger and clearer picture to effectively plan for ministries that will bring the lost to the saving grace of God through Christ.

Once again, I praise God for bringing technological tools that can be adapted to prepare Church workers for life changing ministry. For this particular local fellowship, they discovered that the initial spirit to start a house fellowship which later became a local church was for their own community to know Christ.

Therefore, from our perspective, the kind of input to give will be emphasis on evangelism and discipleship courses for the youth members.







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“I could not go further after my Grade 10 education and the prospect of having access to learning computers as part of further education was gone for me”

Pastor Noel Mondo of Destiny Fellowship of Churches here at Goroka shared his testimony at the Basic Computing Course devotions. He delivered a heart touching devotional; sharing from John’s gospel about the healing at the pool of Bethesda.

He testified that just like the lame man with nobody to help him into the pool for healing, Pastor Noel’s disability was finances to further in education and employment. Growing up in a settlement surroundings was tough for him and he ended up in wrong company.

Pastor Mondo

Pastor Noel Mondo

He is really thankful that his mother was a good example for him while he was struggling to find purpose in life when he could not go further in his studies.

He realized that Christ was the only answer for him and he changed his life and became a Christian.

He really appreciates the Goroka Pastors Fraternal because his association with them has given him an opportunity to learn about the basic computing skills. Just like the lame man whose waiting days vanished when Jesus found him at the Bethesdaien pool, Pr. Mondo’s desire to gain computer skills was fulfilled at this training.

He though he lost that opportunity when he couldn’t go further but in Christ Jesus, there is always a second chance!

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) for computer training was signed between CRMF and Goroka Pastors Fraternal two years ago but did not eventuate until now. Michael Wakefield when welcoming the first group of fifteen pastors said how glad CRMF is that BCT is now happening. Even though the week long course is too short to master computer skills, our aim is to have the pastors realize the potential of a basic knowledge in computing and its effect on ministry.

Pastor Gireva,(right) Chairman of the Goroka Pastors Fraternal and Fr. George of the Anglican Church

Pastor Gireva,(right) Chairman of the Goroka Pastors Fraternal and Fr. George of the Anglican Church

In fact it was initially their request as they identified computer training as a need for urban based pastors. They realized that they needed to be equipped for urban congregations. Most of the pastors see the training as a great opportunity to sharpen their skills for new and higher levels for ministry.

The team sees it as “scratching where it itches” as more request come in for BCT.

As the next 15 participants come in next week, we ask you all to keep us in your prayers as the team delivers this highly sought after course.

On the last day of the course Michael and Caine spent an hour to give an overall picture of what options are available for ministry via technologies.

The Light Stream for sharing resources, Pico Projector for small group presentations, mobile apps, LTPNG blog with this story, Power point presentations and its potential, sermon web sites, and a couple more were presented. As a team we are excited with the training and by the end of this month we will have trained a total of 30 pastors.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

The first 15 at the CRMF Training Room

The first 15 at the CRMF Training Room

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“At Bible School I was given a computer and told to use it without any orientation, how I began to use it could only be God’s intervention” The senior Pastor for Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC)Goroka circuit, Pr. Francis Gimifeh, expressed this at the presentation of certificates for the basic computing course facilitated by Learning Technologies team. Now that I have gone through BCT, I know it was by God’s help that I used it at bible school.

Pr. Francis receiving his certificate from Bryan

Pr. Francis receiving his certificate from Bryan

He added that that his current position as an administrator for the circuit require basic computing skills for effective monitoring of ministry and better communication with pastors.

He said he knows what his pastors need and can identify the struggles they go through to bring hand written reports of the ministry to the circuit office.

While at the circuit office, the hand written papers pile up because the pastors lack the typing and organization of files and folders on a computer.

Assistant senior pastor Pr. Paul Dinigiso who was the MC at the closing, held up piles of papers in both hands to express the significance of a basic computing course.

Pr. Paul with evidence of back log

Pr. Paul with evidence of back log

He said what I hold in my hands is a back log of ministry and administration reports that need to be typed. Thanks to CRMF Learning Technologies we can now get rid of the back log!  Special thank you to Lina for taking us through the basic steps.

The three sets of desktop computers donated during the presentation of the certificates will be used by the circuit office to take care of the needs as expressed by the leadership.

One of the three women who took the course was a former employee of CRMF; Ms. Dorcas Akunda recently finished the EBC bible school in Lae. She was invited by the senior pastor to attend this course with future plans to help out at the circuit circles.

Dorcas receiving her certificate

Dorcas receiving her certificate

As a facilitator involved in training to build capacity for Church workers, it gives me satisfaction that LTPNG is involved with a church that has plans and is ready to expand to other communities in Eastern Highlands to bring the Good News of Christ.

As a ministry vision, the Bible (1Timothy 3:4-5) says one needs to manage his own household before he can manage God’s church. The Lord has really bond CRMF and EBC as partners so well and since we share the same boundary, the best thing to happen is to assist our closest partner to be on the cutting edge in using technologies for ministry in today’s world.

We appreciate EBC as ministry partners because we have trialed a couple of trainings with them, did survey with them in the remote Obura district in 2011 and currently have their blessing to distribute the popular Daily Devotional better known as “Wara Bilong Laip” on SD memory cards and flash drives.

For future plans in terms of BCT with EBC, all you do is multiply the group photo three times and you have BCT’s for EBC for the next two years. BCT could be the trademark for LTPNG for the next five years in equipping church leadership for ministry. We thank the Lord for entrusting this ministry to us, thank you Jesus.

EBC BCT Group photo with LT team

EBC BCT Group photo with LT team

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Martin is a secretary for the EBC Goroka circuit

Martin is a secretary for the EBC Goroka circuit. (All pictures in this article by Michael Wakefield)

By the end of 2014 the LT team will have conducted a total of five Basic Computing Courses. This is a growing need requested by the churches and ministry workers. Since the trial introduction with the South Sea Evangelical Church in Wewak in 2013, it is becoming a needed training for many. These training codenamed as BCT is seen by the clergy as an important tool for ministry and management for today’s Church. Most applicants for the course are priests, reverends and pastors who realize the significance of managing ministry in today’s congregation and also for the Church to make an impact for the unreached.

They know that computer knowledge plays a pivotal role for good management for finances, database, up to date correspondence, worldwide access to available resources for creativity to present the gospel. The urban pastors have discovered that their congregation members are no ordinary members anymore; they are having university and college students from the educational institutions in Goroka attend their worship service.

This means that the traditional ways of preaching and presenting the gospel needs to be adapted for the different members of the congregation. All are looking forward to the next level of training that will include power point presentation to present their sermons and songs.

Lina presenting using power point and video projector

Lina presenting using power point and video projector

The other main reason for high demand for computer training is that most of the churches in PNG have now become localised and the need to have administrative skills to manage a local Church is begging for basic computer skills. The basic skills to write correspondence using Microsoft Word, Axel for finances are missing in most local churches. The team discovered at Bogia BCT that all government and health workers at district levels do not have that capacity.

Lina monitoring practice time

Lina monitoring practice time with the Pastors

This means that with the current training being offered, the clergy are one step ahead in terms of equipping resource people at district level.


As a team we are excited to be involved in this needed training for the next three months and maybe the first half of 2015 if the BCT’s done this year request for the next level of training. We are also expecting more requests for BCT in 2015.

Pastor Pattie Gimifeh getting help from Lina

Pastor Pattie Gimifeh getting help from Lina


We are excited too that women are involved in the BCT training as most situations have a Pastor and his wife together as a team in ministry. The LT PNG donated three(3) sets of reconditioned desktop computers to the EBC Goroka Circuit office for its use in ministry.


Thanks you so much for the BCT material from MAF Learning Technologies (US); the team here is using it to equip the clergy for ministry.