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Pack a Good Lunch by Caine

There is no boarding pass for remote flights! You are to wait patiently and allow the ground flight supervisor to help you find your seat. This was the experience that Pastor Martin Kupen and I discovered as we boarded the Tropicair flight to Kikori in the Gulf Province. Pastor Martin and I were invited as quest speakers for the Kikori District Interdenominational conference on the theme of “God’s Love and Compassion for Sinners” from Luke 15:20. I realized that we were the last ones to be called on board which meant that we will be the first ones to be off loaded!

It was perfect biblically that the last shall be first but then I realized that we will be first to get off to be in this remote place for a week! I needed answers for the return trip. Our trip consisted of a plane ride, a walk and then a dinghy ride. When I asked the pilot for the following Wednesday, he said, same place but pack a good lunch!

Blessed feet or muddy feet

Blessed feet or muddy feet

Pack a good lunch as a statement is packed with lot of meaning that I experienced during this Kikori trip. It was LT’s second trip to the Southern Region of our country and the first one to Gulf Province. Gulf Province shares a geographical boarder with Southern Highlands where Liquidated Natural Gas (LNG) project is the main focus of the country. Kikori water ways region is where the oil and gas pipes get stored up for tankers to load.

What this means financially is that the land owners have money flowing in on weekly bases. The Church in Kikori has a gigantic task to teach the people to put their trust in God rather than in money. During the preaching and teaching, the Lord gave a word of knowledge to a young girl from Kopi village; the village where the Oil Search Company is based which monitors the Gobe oil fields. The spirit of the Lord gave her Isaiah 45:1-8, which she shared on one of the nights.


Without these dugout canoes, you cannot go anywhere

Without these dugout canoes, you cannot go anywhere

 Personally, the revelation of God’s word during a gathering was the most humbling experience for me. It very clearly demonstrated to me that I was nothing but just a vessel for the Lord to do his work. I know that my fellow speakers felt the same way that the Lord himself visited his people through his word because all preparations for Independence celebrations were cancelled to give priority to God’s word. The leaders expressed on Independence Day speeches that this was the first time that all activities related to celebrating Independence of PNG was not given priority.

The priority given on that day was for each of the quest speakers to pray and dedicate individual tribes to God. It was such a special moment to raise the PNG flag and thank God for the beautiful country and in that momentum to dedicate each Kikori tribe to the Lord was awesome!  Each tribe leader was trusting the Lord for all his members under the lordship of God who had visited them in the word of knowledge from Is.45:1-8. It was indeed a beautiful independence day!

Beautiful waterways of Kikori with oil pipes under the waters

Beautiful waterways of Kikori with oil pipes under the waters

In Proverbs 3:5-6, trusting the Lord makes the difference in any given situation. I learned to trust the Lord for his Spirit to minister to his people during the crusade and the teachings. I learned that when the people of Kikori acknowledged his Word over Independence Day celebrations he gave word of knowledge from Isaiah 45:1-8.

I learned that when the Pilot of Tropicair said he would return to pick us up, he did return and thanks to his warning we did pack a good lunch. Jesus said he will return to take us home to be with him (John 14:3) so as we wait for his return, we better pack a good lunch!

As we wait, we continue to help others read, hear and see the Gospel in its various forms so that they can come to the full knowledge of Christ Jesus and who he really is. One of the highlights of this trip was to donate an audio bible to the town mayor of Kikori town, who is illiterate but loves to hear the Scriptures read to her by her husband. The husband is now out of job thanks to the audio bible and the top councilor for Kikori town is now a very proud woman! To God be the glory as we become instruments for the Holy Spirit to make people thirst and hunger for God’s word.

She prays before meeting with Members of Parliament not with proposals for funding

She prays before meeting with Members of Parliament not with proposals for funding. The Town Mayor speaking at the Independence day celebrations.

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The status of a good hunter is measured by the number of spoils he brings home from the trip. A traditional village hunter in Papua New Guinea will have pig jaw bones lined up in a rack somewhere in his compound to show evidence of his profession. Similarly, a well established company will display framed certificates of awards to show its achievements in its particular field. Since establishing Learning Technologies as one of the ministry arm of Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship, our personnel have gone places to assist the church in bringing the Good News to those who hunger for it.

The crusade area in Kikori

The crusade area in Kikori. The stage was built in pouring rain and stopped on the Monday of the crusade week, after the crusade ended it rained so much that Bank BSP Sub Branch was closed due to bad internet coverage caused by rain.

 It is the Lord who has given Pastor Matthew an opportunity to be active again even though he is blind, through audio bibles. Young people who received Jesus as their personal Savior on Karkar Island and the bible box partnership with MAF pilots and many more “bones” that we could show to give glory to God for!

The latest trip to remote Kikori in the Gulf Province has brought another flower lace to the team and even though it cost us a fair bit it was a very rewarding exercise.

LTPNG has a catchy statement on “Bridging the Gap for the Remote Church” and this trip was indeed a challenge to make it happen. Former trips have been training and awareness of the ministry of Learning Technologies and how it will assist the remote pastors and Christians.

This particular trip got us into preaching in the crusade meetings and teaching during the day with other quest speakers. This could be the future trend for our LT personnel for the following reasons.

Firstly, our ministry focus is for the remote locations and since we have the network and partners established by sixty plus years of CRMF ministry in the country, we have the access and the motivation to go.

Secondly, Christianity has been in the country for over a hundred years and the church may have done its bit or have not done enough! Since LTPNG is not a Church, but a Para- church mission organization we are the vital agent for today’s transformation in the Churches in PNG.

Youths in Kikori having fun with free resources

Youths in Kikori having fun with free resources from the LightSTream.

I had a privilege of taking the LightStream Wifi and Bluetooth device to use during my day teachings and the impact it had was awesome! The classes for high school students were suspended during the week of the crusade meetings in order for the students to attend the sessions.

The LightStream time during my sessions was the highlight for the students. This uniqueness of LT ministry is the factor that calls for our participation as agents of change for the Church in PNG.

Because of the monopoly type trading style in Kikori, the price of a 4GB SD is about $25 – $30 while our CRMF price is about $15 for the same item. The picture (left) shows people eager to buy the items I took because the price is reasonable. A couple who bought them also commented about the quality of the products. In fact some even asked me where the product was from before deciding to buy.

People know qualty when they see it, CRMF products on sell at Kikori

People know qualty when they see it, CRMF products on sell at Kikori

The Kikori trip consisted of crusade meetings in the evenings and teachings during the day. The teaching sessions were held at the United Church; one of the main denominations in Kikori district. Besides the United Church, there are five other denominations. A Pastors Fraternal was recently formed to take care of the Spiritual needs of the Church.

The Lord gave us a good weather during that week and after we left the rains came back. The organizers told us that people were mocking them just like in the days of Noah when he was building a huge boat in the mountains.He was preparing the people before we uttered a single word!

Most of the people are hunters but only a special few have jaw bones to show. We praise God for the privilege he has given to serve the churches in PNG with a unique ministry like Learning Technologies.

Being on this latest trip has been an inspiration to me; yet another confirmation that we are about touching the remote heart with today’s technology. We trust the Lord to give us more opportunities to minister in the remote places.

People in Kikori were hungry for God's word. We had this crowd for the whole week.

People in Kikori were hungry for God’s word. We had this crowd for the whole week.

Pray with us as we continue to sharpen the leadership of today’s church for today’s generation.

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THE LIGHT by Caine

Kennedy has secured his light and looks very happy

Kennedy has secured his light and looks very happy, it was worth running!

As soon as Kennedy saw the CRMF surf, he started to run after the vehicle which he knew will pull in at an Evangelical Brotherhood Church center at Sausi, Ramu Valley in Madang Province. He arrived ten minutes later, went straight to the back of the surf and picked up the Barefoot Solar lighting kit. Learning Technologies PNG have established a good partnership with the pastors and elders of Sausi EBC church resulting in three Jesus video shows and a couple of open air outreach in market and public places.

This time round the surf loaded with solar lighting kits, bibles and the Jesus video show kit was headed to Rempi along the North Coast road toward Bogia in Madang Province. The demand for solar light kits is high due to the low quality solar light products sold by Chinese shops that families are prepared to spend about $134.00 (K480.00) to buy the unit. We had people bringing money to buy units that we could not supply as our limited stock that the surf could carry ran out.

But is that our main ministry purpose? No, that is not our main purpose! Our main purpose is to share the good news of the greater light, the light that disperses the darkness of fear in the hearts of men. Jesus himself declared in John 8:12 that he is the light of the world, and anyone who follows Jesus will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.

Most people in the remote places in PNG like Kennedy will give everything they save to have a good quality light for the family. Pastors do need a good reliable light system to prepare their sermons, teachings and conducting group sessions. The evenings are the preferred time for pastors in the remote places to spend time to read the bible and reflect on the word as they prepare to minister. Some of our regular customers for solar lights are teachers serving in the remote community schools.

Bryan writing up receipts for solar kits prepaid by eager customers.

Bryan writing up receipts for solar kits prepaid by eager customers.

This time around the team showed Jesus video at two locations which brought the number to 30 venues since CRMF started this outreach ministry. We have seen lives touched by this ministry of assisting the Church to share the good news of Jesus via the video. With the inclusion of Learning Technologies ministry by CRMF in 2010, the Jesus video shows have been great opportunities to do awareness for this new ministry.

The Learning Technologies team has made most of this opportunity to do awareness, sell audio and print bibles and distributed the Jesus video via flash drive and SD cards.

We ask you all to pray for protection on the Jesus video equipment, the vehicle and the outreach team as we continue to help share the gospel to those who are still in darkness.

The Jesus video show was programmed in as the final item to the one week of Bible teaching by EBC pastors at Haven (almost heaven) The team members were given opportunity to share on the key verse of the week; Psalm 24:7- 10.

The team showed Jesus video at a placed called Haven, a site where 14 people gave their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ - the true light!

The team showed Jesus video at a placed called Haven, a site where 14 people gave their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ – the true light!