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There are lot of ministries and organizations available with goals to bring the Word of God to the unreached people groups in the world. Learning Technologies PNG has a God given privilege to be interacting with some of these international organizations. The other day I received a monthly update from Global Recordings Network (GRN) and there was information about the last language in Nepal being recorded. Today (3rd November 2014), I received the email below from Davar Partners International about the impact of a heart language packaged for oral communities. A Tairora man is empowered because he can understand what the living word is expressing in his heart language. We see a transformation of a person when the power of the living word of God is packaged in the heart language. It is like a bulb connected to its source of power that gives light! audio tairora

Last week Bryan and I had a debrief with Sam Kenny, one of our key partners in biblical resources distribution. Sam is a Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) representative and involves in recording published Scriptures for audio production and distribution. He is also a staff member for Bible Society PNG. He brought this photo back from his recent trip to Huli speakers in the Southern Highlands of PNG.

This pastor holds a FCBH Proclaimer on his left hand and a boom box on his right hand. A closer look at the boom box reveals an SD card loaded with Huli Scriptures and other Huli language samples recorded by GRN.

One of the three pastors who bought the boom box

One of the three pastors who bought the boom box

The beautiful thing about this story is that a request for an SD card loaded with Huli language resources was the local people’s idea! There were three people waiting for Sam armed with a set of boom box sets. Within 10 minutes of arrival by MAF plane and sorting out his cargo, the Huli loaded SD cards were in the Boom Box playing the Huli scriptures. The rest of the resources that Sam took with him were all gone! The hunger for the scriptures in the heart language is so high that we plan to do two trips to this particular language in 2015.

This general geographical area is famous for the Liquidated National Gas (LNG) project in the country and as a result money is coming into the communities. We praise God for the timing and the opportunity to partner with the pastors in this area who hunger for God’s word in their heart language. They are sold out to see scriptures and biblical resources disseminate in their ministry field that they are actively involved with the distributing of scriptures in SD cards and Audio players. The fact that they bought boom boxes ahead of Sam’s arrival in anticipation of hearing Huli Scriptures paints a story of a people group who know what they want! Sam represents Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) these people represent faith come by preparation.

We know the natural gas in Huli land will run out and the audio bible for the Tairora speaker will malfunction but we praise God for these special moments in time when various technologies available can be utilised to “hide the words” in the hearts of people.

Pray for the LT partnership with FCBH, particularly for Sam to grab and fully utilize the interest shown by the people to distribute as many Bibles as the Lord allows to this province.

We thank God for our wonderful partners like GRN, MegaVoice and Davar Partners for the audio ministry.