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BCT participants

BCT participants

In his first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul clarifies the issue of God’s decision to propagate salvation to all mankind by choosing the way of the cursed cross.

He emphasized the redeeming saving power of God in a cross which men considered a symbol of scorn and shame (1 Corinthians 1:18 – 2:5) My interest is in the context that Paul is simply saying that men’s knowledge can no way be compared with God’s wisdom.

knowledgeIn light of the ongoing Basic Computing Courses (BCT) while monitoring the requests coming in, we are discovering that the Lord is shifting the position of computing skills which have been in the officers and the corridors of intellectuals is now be delivered in the palm floors and the thatched roofs of veteran pastors in the remote communities. It is no longer a skill only for high rise buildings because the pastors are already using it inside uncompleted church buildings or even makeshift shelters to preach the gospel.

CRMF could still be delivering this most needed training for pastors throughout the country for the next five years.

Brian Ward helping a pastor

Brian Ward helping a pastor

As Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) exist to be the “Technology for the Church”, I wish to share participants view on Basic Computing Course (BCT).

We have eventually discovered in the process of delivering that it was God’s own pleasure to reveal the need to prepare pastors for advancing the gospel via technology.

Bryan speaking at the graduation.

Bryan speaking at the graduation with Division Seven Overseer Ps. Martin at the background

From facilitation perspective, our goal is to equip the pastors so that they can be competent to minister to today’s Church goers.

From the recipient perspective, considering the fact that most have not touched a computer before, the basic computing course is a setting which fast track educational barriers and simplify technological gizmos and knowledge to learn a new important skill for ministry.

Thanking the participants for their patience and perseverance

Thanking the participants for their patience and perseverance

To me the exciting part is when we tell them on the first day of the course that computer skills is not important, that it is only a tool to assist you to do what you are really good at; preaching the Good News of our Lord Jesus! This knowledge is sufficient for them to persevere to the end because they already know what they have and so they look forward to what they need during the training.

The following are some statements made by various participants who enjoyed the basic computing skills training which was perceived as restricted knowledge for the academics.

Taking notes and using their own notes to find their way in the computer is a normal thing in our workshops

Taking notes and using their own notes to find their way in the computer is a normal thing in our workshops

“Mipela ting olsem dispel kain save em long ol university lain tasol” We always thought that this knowledge (of computer skills) was only for academics and professionals – Pastor Joe, Four Square Church Bogia, Madang Province.

“Mi luksave olsem komputa kos em i no secret samting, em isi sapos yu save long kontrolim mouse na putim arrow long right hap. Nau mi kisim dispel save, mi tok tenku long Bikpela olsem, mi wankain wantaim ol save man” I discovered in this computer training that the skills are not so difficult and can be achieved; the secret is to master the mouse. With the basic skills I learned in this course, I praise God that he has allowed me to become computer literate – Dickson, Nazarene Church, Awara, AROB.

“Mi tok tenku long Bikpela long Pastor Martin husait i gat vision na save long lain olsem CRMF; long kisim mipela bus pasta long nupela level long laip na ministry. Mipela yet i save olsem mipela i no inap long kisim dispel kain save tasol mipela bilip long Holi Spirit tasol long helpim mipela.” I thank God for such a leader like Pastor Martin who has a vision to equip simple pastors like us and the relationship and network with CRMF to bring this technical training (BCT) to remote people like us – Pastor Mos Magine.

Division Seven Four Square Pastors (Daulo)

Division Seven Four Square Pastors (Daulo)

In conclusion, we as a team praise God that these basic computing skills will stop pastors from queuing up for typing and printing at private and public officers in town.

Thank you again for your prayers and support to give power to the pastors and ministry leaders, helping them experience the freedom that such knowledge is for everyone, especially for them as pastors who can use these skills as premise for what they have learned in BCT’s, as we celebrate in the greater premise of changed lives.


Pamela and Christie

Pamela Matthew and Christie Ward came to witness the graduation

This was a great opportunity to bring wives to see first hand what the Lord is doing in the lives of remote pastors.


The participants also had the opportunity to the meet the women who support their husbands in this exciting ministry.


Lina and Grace enjoying graduation lunch

Lina and Grace enjoying graduation lunch

Grace works as an accounts clerk with CRMF and was one of the two staff members selected to witness the ministry of Learning Technologies PNG in this graduation. She represents other CRMF national staff who support LTPNG and CRMF’s vision to offer technical help to the Church in PNG.


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THE CATCH by Ruruk


Like any other requests for training we do not know what kind of individual participants will attend the training. We do have a general understanding that our students are pastors and ministry leaders whose highest education level would be grade six at an average. All the training we offer is for pastors and church leaders of various churches who have different visions.

Ps Albert receiving his certificate from Lina

Pastor Albert receiving his certificate from Lina

Since 2013, when the vision to offer basic computing skills to equip pastors and ministry leaders became a reality Learning Technologies PNG (LTPNG) has to date delivered the training to about 230 pastors and ministry leaders with 40 different denominations.

The team is currently delivering another training this month (2 – 13 May) with 27 participants as I write this article. In the midst of these trainings I am discovering the vision of each of the leaders that are requesting for the basic computing course.

All the leaders have really caught the long term vision to equip their pastors for the changing face of Papua New Guinea in this technical age. More importantly, these leaders want to see their pastors be in charge of their ministry programs by typing and printing them.

One such pastor and leader is Pastro Albert Magoi; for the LT team, the trip to Buka (see story on Lasting Connection) was like a fisherman fishing with a drag net. He sees movement in the water and sees tiny ripples but has no idea of the kind and the size of the actual fish, until the net closes in and the catch is secured. We had no idea that Pastor Albert was instrumental in the Bougainville crises as a commander, second to the popular Francis Ona. However, during the war, the Lord spoke to Pastor Albert through a local prophet to lay down arms and pick up the Bible with a message for Bougainville.

The Lord save this family for a purpose

The Lord save the Magois for a purpose

The Lord confirmed his call upon Albert’s life in numerous occasions by protecting his family during the civil war. The ultimate test for trust was when the Lord took him past two Army (PNG Defense Force) checkpoints in Buka town and provided a passage out of Bougainville via CASA (PNG Defense Force Plane) to escape to Port Moresby. We praise God for such leaders who have a vision to stand for what they believe in and lead their members to new levels.

Pastor Magoi believes that the only true restoration can come from within and not from outside. While sharing the wordings of the covenant, he stated that the Basic Computer Training is a God given opportunity and requested for training in Panguna in 2017. He stated that his vision to equip all the pastors from different denominations under the “God’s Kingdom Network” is the only answer to bring peace and restoration to the Island of Bougainville.

Pastor Francis, Chairman of God,s Kingdom Network Partners Solomon Island, receiving his certificate.

Pastor Francis, Chairman of God,s Kingdom Network Partners, Solomon Island, receiving his certificate.

We discovered our catch (Ps. Albert) as a leader who has a vision not only to restore the troubled island but preach the kingdom message via conferences to different denominations so that individual Christians can find everlasting life in God and not in churches or denominations. He added that churches are only agencies of God’s kingdom but we have established churches as kingdoms of God! Because the kingdom of God is within a person (Luke 17:21)

A slide developed by Ps Albert during the basic computing course.

A slide developed by Ps Albert hinmself during the basic computing course.


We also discovered the ultimate result of basic computing training in line with our vision to prepare God’s people for the works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up. (Ephesians 4:12).

Pastor Albert turned the basic computer skills training into a powerful ministry tool by using Microsoft Power Pont Presentation 2010 (PPP) to teach his message of discovering the kingdom within a person.



For us as facilitators, it was a blessing to see the training being used to preach the Good News of the kingdom of God via technology. We saw first hand the confirmation of God’s vision for CRMF to be a technology for the Church in the area of basic computing skills; such skill in the hands of a pastor like Albert is a powerful tool to receive the message by seeing and hearing.

Setting up equipment for the night session, never attempted before in such trainings.

Setting up equipment for the night session, never attempted before in such trainings.

Thank you again for supporting the team to Buka and pray for the Lord’s will for ongoing partnership with different denominations in Bougainville for training and distribution of Bibles and biblical resources in partnership with God’s Kingdom Network.

Buka trip will always remain as a special place in our hearts because we were shown a mass grave and you can feel the scars of the crises. But the good news is hearing testimonies of  God’s vision for Bougainville. While on a bigger picture the Lord gave us an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of the pastors who are willing to make a change by utilising the resources available via technologies.

The covenant signed between the Government of AROB and Church leaders

The covenant signed between the Government of AROB and Church leaders, reps of different churches that came for the training.

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Praise God for giving us an opportunity to equip pastor for the restoration of AROB

Praise God for giving us an opportunity to equip pastor for the restoration of AROB

 Someone described technology in these profound words; “Technology exists to shorten the distance between two points”It is of course a broad statement and so putting it in a context will draw out its full profoundness. Our context is in the area of restoration. And you are asking what in the world is Learning Technologies PNG got to do with the restoration process? The Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB) continues to be addressed by international organizations on the topic of restoration in the region. However the results are not evident with the obvious reason that spiritual issues need to be addressed first to impact the physical transformation and restoration.

The government of Papua New Guinea also has its ideas of restoration for the region and the churches in AROB too also have their ideas of restoration. As a visitor with the CRMF’s vision to reach out to the remote parts of Papua New Guinea, I noticed that AROB as a region is a remote location in terms of technology for the Church. What this means is that for sixty years a training such as basic computing has never been offered to pastors and ministry leaders in AROB.

Pastors and ministry leaders from 20 different churches in AROB

Pastors and ministry leaders from 20 different churches in AROB and Solomon Islands

Pastor Albert Magoi said the current Basic Computer Training (BCT) in AROB is first of kind and it is by God’s direction and grace that it is happening this week. As the founder and principal of United Bougainville Training Center (UBTC) for training and rehabilitation of youths he said this training is God;s timing and supernatural things will happen. His focus is to restore traumatised youths affected by the Bougainville crises through teaching and training of various skills so that these youths can become useful members of their communities. Prior to the computer course Pastor Albert was in Panguna offering another of these training. So in this breath he sees computer training as a vital skill for all the pastors and ministry leaders in the region.

Back ground is a house where cult leaders would meet to decide which family would sacrifice their child.

Back ground is a house where cult leaders would meet to decide which family would sacrifice their child.

In October 2011 a “New Covenant” contract was declared by the President of AROB Dr. John Momis witnessed and signed by prominent Church leaders to activate a “vehicle” for churches and government to work together for peace and restoration in the region. Pastor Albert Magoi signed as the witness for “Bougainville God’s Kingdom Network” (BGKN).

The vision for BGKN is to mobilise the churches together so that God’s unity becomes a reality in each of the denominations with the common goal to establish God’s kingdom and its purposes rather than denominations in a Christian’s life.

We now see that each vision is given by God to each orgnisation in a different location for different purposes; he then connects the different organisations and individuals in his own timing for His purposes to reakised; that in short is how LTPNG team ended up in AROB.

On Sunday 24th April, Lina and I will join the 40 participants from different denominations to attend worship service at a place that was once known for its cult practices involving infant sacrifices. Just like Elijah and the prophets of Baal, the Lord used pastor Albert to challenge the cult leaders, who scummed  to God’s power and gave him the land to build the church.

Hahalis church in Buka replacing the the main headquarters for cult practices

Hahalis church in Buka replacing the the main headquarters for cult practices

I have shared this entire background story to paint a picture of how God is using technology to bring restoration to a person leaving in a traumatized region. I praise God for all the connections that led the CRMF team to link with Pastor Albert via the Basic computing course. As a former warlord during the crises and now a born again christian he has pledged to restore AROB with God’s kingdom message on behalf of his 25,000 brothers who fell in battle for their island.

As an organisation with the vision to offer technical help to churches we thank God for the opportunity to have direct connection with the spiritual voice under the banner of “God’s Kingdom Network.”

We as a team discovered it this week that the Lord in his goodness has allowed us (CRMF’s LTPNG) to do our little tiny bit so that he can use us to bring peace to the traumatized soul in AROB- only God can give peace to a troubled soul in whatever medium he selects; it may not be technology?

Thank you again for praying, you all are special connections as we shorten the distance from the mind to the heart especially a heart that has been affected by the civil war.  May God be glorified!

A beautiful pier connects the

Just as beautiful pier connects the owner to his boat, the power of the Word of God can connect a soul to its Master.



Saturday boat trip

With Solomon Island Pastors during a boat trip at the weekend

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Computer Skills for Bible Students by Ruruk

Bible student

Bible student

Since the Basic Computing training started most of our clients have been pastors and office personnel for the various churches. The recent one was offered for the students and staff of Four Square Life Bible College. The principal Pastor Joro said it is important for bible school students to learn basic computing skills because a modern pastor needs those skills.

He was very strict to the extent that if a student missed one session he or she would be excluded from the training. The presentations were delivered differently to the normal Learning Technologies delivery to coincide with the normal school lessons.

As usual most of the students have never touched a computer before and so it was start from scratch for most.

However, even though it was their first time, most of the participants worked hard to do the activities required to acquire the basic skills of computing.

Wendy (sponsor) took the computing course

Wendy (sponsor) took the computing course

The Life Bible College has a couple of financial sponsors who give toward the general expense of running the college. One such supporter decided to take the course too to sharpen up some of the basic skills. She also was able to help others close to her.

The principal expressed that these “Basic Computing Course” will become part of the college curriculum so that all students will graduate with computing skills on top of their regular bible related courses.

In support of making basic computing skills as part of Life Bible College curriculum, CRMF’s Learning Technologies has decided to make it happen by training one of their staff members. The Country leader for Learning Technologies PNG, Bryan Matthew stated that it is a great opportunity to train ourselves out of the job, so that in the long term the college has a person to teach basic computing skills.

Michael gave out the certificates

Michael with female student

Michael Wakefield, General Manager for CRMF who gave out the certificates to the course participants confirmed the move to train a Bible College staff on a three year term. No papers have been signed at this stage but the understanding is that Life Bible College will assign a staff member to be trained and mentored by the Learning Technologies in some the BCT’s occurring in the province (Eastern Highlands).

Ruth taking the course, she could be the person to be trained for Life Bible College

Ruth taking the course, she could be the person to be trained for Life Bible College

As a team we are excited that the Lord has given us an opportunity to impart necessary skills like basic computing to bible school students who will graduate as pastors. It is also a great opportunity to have a connection to a Bible college in the province and closer to CRMF for training and mentoring. We are excited because we can be able to train others who will in turn train others.

Thank you again for your support and prayers for the team to continue to offer this most needed training.