Who is LTPNG and what do they do?

Learning Technologies in Papua New Guinea is part of MAF Learning Technologies in the Asia Pacific region.  Learning Technologies PNG (LTPNG) is committed to equipping leaders of remote people groups with Scriptural truth through technical mediums. In partnership with MAF Learning Technologies, remote churches of PNG are connected with the Word of God using the latest in technology. LTPNG is committed to be the “last mile”. LTPNG is thankful for all the organizations that have a similar vision for the remote people and will seek to partner and assist by asking the most important question—what is the Ministry and how can we combine our efforts to make a difference?

Our Mission

Learning Technologies PNG exists to serve God by providing technical assistance and networking with others for the purpose of providing opportunities for the grassroots people to have access to the truth of God so that they become disciples of Jesus Christ.

We highly value partnership and networking with others as God’s purpose is achieved on trusted relationships guided by the great commission. Learning Technologies is a vital link for equipping people with resources at the remote places to teach the truth of God to those who hunger for it. We encourage learning and discipleship through audio, video and other technological means.

Our vision is for all Papua New Guineans to be well equipped to receive the truth of the Word of God through technology.

We desire to integrate prayer as an essential and powerful part of Learning Technologies and seek prayer partners to support this vital ministry.

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