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Max explaining the partnership terms with New Breed members

Max explaining the partnership terms with New Breed members

 The Mitzin Market in the Markham Valley of Morobe Province is one of the major bus stops as you travel down the PNG national highway towards Lae.

This market serves as a place where locals sell their vegetables to make a living; a bus owner makes business by transporting people and the list goes on. Max and I have just finished with Joseph Kingal Ministries (see “What are we talking about”) and spent a night with my Pastor friend. This particular morning we must meet at this market to meet with Pastor James Paul to seal a deal!

In Deuteronomy 17:5 a social issue is being settled at the city gate (public place) and in Proverbs 31:31 we see an example of a good deed being talked about at the city gate. In other words certain thing done with the public as the witness serves as a setting for learning to take place. The setting for our particular meeting is prophetic in a sense that the public will benefit in terms of an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ through the songs in their heart language.

Ps James Paul signs on behalf of the band

Ps James Paul (lead vocalist) signs on behalf of the band

Now back to our market place, Pastor James did sign the agreement right at the market place to partner with CRMF to share their gospel songs via Wi-Fi technology, SD cards and solar powered audio players.

New Breed band members started off as Sunday School Teachers in their community. The person who was their leader always took them to the mountain to spend time praying. Pastor James is the lead vocalist remembers those times when they came down from the mountain; they had to hold onto their shorts from falling off. They were into fasting and prayer that they lost weight; even their parents were concerned about their health.

First two songs downloaded from mobile phone to notebook

First two songs downloaded from mobile phone to notebook

As Sunday school teachers their love for music grew and they started to write up their own language songs and used them in their lessons which soon grew into an outreach music group within their little community.

In 1997 an important event happened in the Lutheran Church that set the stage for New Breed’s birth. The whole Markham District was where Spiritual revival broke out and as a result the Lutheran Renewal Church was formed by the Lutherans who wanted revival. So the move of the Holy Spirit within the Church created the environment for a gospel band to have its beginnings. None of the members went to a music school and so all their talent in writing songs and playing them is attributed to their time on the mountain.

In 2008 a man got interested in the band and decided to sponsor them for a trial recording; the results of the trial recording astonished everyone including the band members which turned into their first album. Next month they will be in Port Moresby on an invitation by the Lutheran Church to provide music in a youth convention and while there record their second album.

Pray with us that the songs from the First Album will be a conduit that the Lord will use to reach out to the youths of our nation for Jesus. Also pray for Pastor James and the rest of the New Breed band for a successful recording and its impact.

Lunch on the roadside to complete the deal

Lunch on the roadside to complete the deal

Pastor Yawing witnessed the signing

Pastor Yawing (Waritsian Lutheran Renewal Church) witnessed the signing

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Bryan and Max surround by youths eager to download bibles

Bryan and Max surrounded by youths eager to download bibles

In the last 10 days, CRMF made awareness about the good use of technology to an estimated 3,300 people.

This is live audience numbers via power point presentations and speaking at conference venues.

Wantok Radio Light” (Christian Radio Station) was present in one of these conferences to live broadcast the potential that technology provides for the church in Papua New Guinea. In other words, a lot more people heard of the WI-Fi Bible over the radio. We thank the Lord of the knowledge and wisdom to use WI-Fi technology to distribute God’s word.

The more urgent question to ask is how to increase the capacity of downloads so that all the 200 – 300 participants attending a conference can download the resources. The team experienced that the enthusiasm of the conference participants resulted in the WiFi network being jammed up.

Max Puksy helping a student to download

Max Puksy helping a student to download

The next step was to monitor the number of mobile phones so that only a maximum of 10 were downloading at any one time. There is something about the bible that attracts people no matter what form it is packaged in.

Apostle Peter in John 6:68 – 69 said “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God!” To me, it’s Peter realizing who and what Jesus is; he is the word of life and the holy one of God. There is no other way to find real life that lasts (John 14:6). As a team involved in bible distribution, we identify a similar hunger and thirst for bibles.

We know of a man who walked a day’s distances just to get to the airstrip to buy a Bible from an MAF pilot’s “Bible Box”. We also know of a woman who no longer has fear of the evil spirits because she owns an audio bible which is part of her “tool” when she goes to the garden. An MAF Pilot’s Bible Box is empty by the time it lands in the airstrip.

Ps. Pini responding to students at question time

Ps. Pini of CLC responding to students at question time. He decided to go on Facebook because most of his church members were on Facebook.

The one and the same living and active double edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) is now being delivered via Wi-Fi technology; our hope is that just like Apostle Peter and the other disciples who realized the importance of being with Jesus for the words of life we create opportunities for the younger generation to have the words of life at their fingertips!

Students at Joseph Kingal Ministries download bibles via wifi bible box

Students at Joseph Kingal Ministries download bibles via WiFi bible box





One such opportunity was to speak at the “PNG Visionary Leaders Conference” organized by Joseph Kingal Ministries, in Lae.  This is the third time that Pastor Susan of Joseph Kingal Ministries has organized to bring secondary school students for a week long teaching on various topics focusing on being a visionary leader. Popular Pastors were invited to speak on various topics including the good use of technology.

We came away with a challenge that there is vast opportunity to minister and distribute digital bibles and biblical resources to today’s young generation; we just don’t have the time and the manpower to meet this need.

Some of the confrence speakers with Ps. Susan Kingal at far right.

Some of the conference speakers with Ps. Susan Kingal at far right.

Pray with us to have opportunities to minister to the younger generation especially at educational institutions.


Content for Wi-FI Bible

  • Bibles
  • Bible Apps
  • Music
  • Language Promotion Apps like 5 Fish & Jesus Film Media
  • God Tools
  • Devotionals
  • Many More


The WI-FIBible Box that CRMF has developed to distribute free Bibles and Bible Apps

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Babara doing her presentation

Babara doing her presentation

Barbra Anton is the only participant in the Learning Technologies, Basic Computer Training that completed the two levels of training in a space of six weeks.
She was one of the 28 ladies that completed BCT 1 at EBC’s Orobiga station (See story in “Mastering the Mouse June 2015) in May and so she was qualified to attend BCT II for the EBC Goroka Circuit pastors.
BCT II covers Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Excel and revision of Microsoft Word 2010 from BCT I training.

The initial request for computer training was for pastors to use Microsoft Power Point to preach and for ministry leaders to project songs and teachings in big group presentations. Those who attended the LTPNG BCT courses now know that in order to be competent in using Microsoft Power Point program one must know the basic knowledge and skills of using a computer.

Our participants discovered that as a result of the basic computer training, they can now type letters, draw up church programs and do presentations. Pastor Saki is all smiles as he gets ready to do his first power point presentation.

Pastor Saki as an Alekano (Goroka language) speaker is currently involved in dubbing the Jesus Film organised by Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL). He was selected to represent his language for the project after he received his first basic computer training in 2014.

Ps. Saki does his presentation with joy and confidence.

Ps. Saki does his presentation with joy and confidence.

He continues to thank the Lord’s faithfulness for making it possible for the training as it has greatly helped him to do dubbing for the Jesus Film.

As a team, we continue to see the impact of BCT in the ministry of the pastors that take the course. One thing that clearly shows out is that education level and age does not intimidate them into learning the basic skills of computer.

Pastor John is one such example; he did not attend the first course because of his posting at the time of the first training. This year he was posted to the Goroka circuit and so met the criteria to participate in the second training. Because he missed the first one we spent more time to catch him up with the others and also decided that he would only participate as an observer. However, his hunger to learn new skills was the motivating factor that drove him to do his best; we decided to graduate him with the rest with plans for him to participate when the next BCT I is held.

Ps John with his presentation

Ps Peter with his presentation

The request for BCT continues to rise and with the current trend we could easily offer one BCT every month; as we have recently slotted two courses in a month.

This course was unique in that all the participants were able to prepare their presentations using the Microsoft Power Point.

This was also an opportunity to know how to connect the pc to the projector. All had fun doing the presentations.

This time around we were able to rest Lina as our main facilitator and have Caine conduct the course as the main facilitator with Lina assisting. The team sees this as wisdom from the Lord for Bryan (LTPNG Country Manager) to encourage capacity building within the LT personnel.

This means that we now have the flexibility to assign our BCT facilitators for training at different locations making it a team effort and not overworking our main facilitators.

Caine as facilitator for BCT II with EBC Goroka pastors

Caine as facilitator for BCT II

 As we conclude this training we thank our EBC partners for yet another opportunity to train a pastor in basic computer skills to make an impact in ministry.

 Pray for the EBC leadership who have really  embraced the vision of LTPNG to equip the pastors with training so that they are competent for ministry in today’s generation.

Senior Pastor John receiving his certificate from Bryan.

Senior Pastor John receiving his certificate from Bryan.